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November 19, 2007



Of course he embraces it. He's stalling for time.

Meanwhile Schroeder says "the world is going to look a lot different in January." Could he be talking about Christmas decorations coming down?

Been Around

If Schroeder/Carona is for it, the central committee better be against it in order to save any credibility they may have.

Steven Greenhut

That's why the committee needs to pass a resolution calling for his resignation.

It is clear Carona will not budge from office willingly. The GOP, BOS, AOCDS, ETC. can all ask him pretty please to leave and his ego will not allow it. Nothing short of a recall will get this clown who profits from the death of a deputy out of office.

Sounds like a waste of time to go or vote at the meeting. The resolution is calling for what has already happened. Is the resolution just a reaffirmation of the Sheriff's LOA?

Allan Bartlett

The Central Committee didn't even vote to debate the resolution. They are scared of their own shadow it seems. A lot of members left the room before the vote so they wouldn't have to take a stand. Nice leadership.

larry gilbert

Chairman Baugh took a vote to see if 2/3rds of the voting members would support suspension of the Rules in order to vote on Mike Mc Gill's Resolution tonight. Only 18 voted yes and a much larger number said no. Therefore this proposed Resolution will hold over until next Jan where the Resolutions Committee will review same before the members. OCGOP will be dark in December.

Been Around

This resolution was engineered by Schroeder as a preemptive move. The fact he could not muster the votes says a lot. It's a new day in Orange County.

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