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November 01, 2007


Chris Crocker

Leave Mike Schroeder alone…leave him alone! He is just a human, he has ideas that he knows is important and opinions people should hear about other people. He-he loves his grandmother, and he's going thru a tough time.. that law practice didn't build itself, he had to build that himself, he put all those pictures up after buying and collecting them all. Did you do that?! You did'nt do that….. you can't talk about someone when you are not willing to do what they do.. you hve not spent a mile walking in his sneakers, or platforms or pumps,or I dont know what he wears, but I bet its stylish… screw you, you judgemental people…he is dealing with a lot right now, you don't know make fun of him, if you wanna make fun of him you are gonna have to go thru me…and I am tough to go thru cuz I am tangable. Leave him alone. Leave him alone!


Andy Dufrense, the man who crawled through piles of vile emails and came out on the other side...entertaining!

Great post, even for someone who is on the other side (Yes I am a proud Democrat and avid reader of this blog...). Political theatre is great no matter what side you reside on!

Thanks for the post

When the heck are you going to post round five? I got a jones for this drama like I get for the Sopranos. Grrrrrrrrrr

Mark Bucher makes excellent points. Some I have been trying to point out myself on this site. But then Shroeder is probably getting paid alot to keep stirring up this pot.

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