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November 20, 2007


Pete Fundy

Pete Fundy agrees with this Baugh fellow. Sheriff Mike Carona is innocent.

As Orange County's leading conservative commentator, I stand by the OC GOP's endorsement of Carona before the last election. Surely, the deliberative process was just as important then as it is now. At least, I hope it was. I wasn't there.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

rich white guy

OCGOP: Courage and Renewal

Let us renew our Pilgrim faith. May we take courage that within us is a light, if we seek it, which can wisely guide us through this Firestorm. When we gather for Thanksgiving, you will have an opportunity to set the course of events. Today, you can participate in that process by supporting our Sheriff, Michael Carona.

Headlights On!


Looks like your headlight campaign is working after all. May I suggest you include the "Pete Fundy told me Sheriff Mike Carona is innocent" bumper stickers on your caravan of naivete.

blah, blah, blah...

Your complicity in the endorsement of the corrupt and morally bankrupt sheriff reflects on your own judgment and credibility. For years, insiders have known Carona was ethically challenged and to endorse him despite these flaws was outrageous at best. The OC GOP electorate look to you and the Party’s leadership for… well, leadership. They deserve more. It is not a stretch to argue that your own actions (and inactions) make you complicit in this mess.

You, Schroeder, Carona... all the same.

Tom Tucker

Speaking as someone who has not supported the Sheriff, I agree with Baugh's measured and tempered approach to this thorny issue.

I believe that an inditement is nothing more than an accusation, so lets let some of the facts pay out, before we make irreversable conclusions.

Also Station 18

Even if for some fluke Carona is found innocent of the allegations against him...He is still morally and ethically challeneged. The voting public gave him the right to call himself Sheriff but by his own actions he no longer deserves that distiction. Prison attire will fit him nicely but if not, at least take away his uniform. He is a disgrace to all who wear the uniform of a law enforcement officer.


No matter what you believe to be true, a federal indictment is in fact different than a "accusation". You see I could accuse you of being ignorant of the justice system, but that would really be moot. A federal indictment is a bit different. More than 90% of defendants indicted by the feds end up convicted criminals. That is kind of a big deal.


What is all this about Carona? I read the FlashReport since it is "California's most significant political news." I haven't read a thing about Carona. All this talk about resigning must be nothing more than a conspiracy by the left wing MSM to discredit a great man and greater conservative.

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