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November 29, 2007


DP Resident


@Dana chick - Harkey is the TRUE Keystone Cop. She can't make a political move without stepping in a big steaming pile.

Do you think the timing of this endorsement is trying to hide the fact that yesterday Harkey was giving away $50 million dollars to settle a lawsuit against Dana Point?

Shawn Fago

Dana Chick,
What do you mean "three marriages and a divorce case"?


Dana Chick:

I'm deleting your comment and giving you a 1st and last warning: knock off the personal gossip or you will be exiled to the Village of the Banned.

If you want to disseminate your oppo, do it on your own dime.


Apparently, Dana Chick can't read.

Andy Favor

I was sure a sleep at the wheel for not soliciting that endorsement. I must admit Mayor Harkey has been outstanding at lining up endorsements.

I thought those types of endorsements typically went out sometime after the candidates get certified in February.

So rather than dedicating myself exclusively to the Ron Paul campaign, I better get going and get some endorsements. Anyone?

In the 2008 election year my top three issues will be:

1- Allow California workers to opt out of Social Security by providing a better private account option. My legal rational for this will be a 10th amendment claim using the same argument as Jerry Brown and the Governor are using in suing the federal government to implement higher emission standards.

2- Greatly Expanded Health Savings Accounts - This is lengthy, but if you would like additional information go here: http://andyfavor.com/index.php?menuID=Page&pid=16

3- Reform government schools through a voucher program. I will model my program on the model put forward by the late Milton Friedman in which the state would offer a voucher, but the schools would be privately owned.



DP Resident


If there is a reputable source for DC's info, would the raise it above gossip and be allowed?

I appreciate you wanting to keep wild accusations off the site, but this is the same kind of heat Giuliani is taking for talking Family Values while being on his third marriage. If the endorsement was from almost any other group, I don't think it would have been relevant.


I do not want to open the floodgates for commenters posting that sort of thing. If I let "Dana Chick" do, I'll have to let everyone and that will quickly drag the comments into the gutter and extinguish the comments section as a forum for discussion.

carol daywalt

I must have missed something here. If Dana Chick commented that Harkey has had three marriages and a divorce, I believe that is true. I understand that she also filed for divorce in her present marriage some time back, but this was apparently never concluded or set aside.

So what did Dana Chick say that was so objectionable?

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