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November 13, 2007


OC Native

Whoever wrote this press release doesn't know that it's Foothill High School. The press release says Foothills High School.

Been Around

Another great endorsement for Miller, who is running away with this race and proving that working in the trenches to support other Republicans for years does pay off politically.

"for the Republican principles of limited government, lower taxes, and individual responsibility."

Can anyone tell me when GOP Hacks are going to stop using these buzz words when there is absolutley no substance behind this mantra in the GOP left ever since Barry Goldwater left Washington?

Too funny

To anon at 11:04,

One only needs to look at the bloated government in Corona to see that Miller doesn't subscribe to those princials. What a joke.

Steven Greenhut

Yeah ... but Neil Blais has the backing of Mike Carona and Todd Spitzer!

Too funny


So does Mimi Walters. What's your point?

Been Around

Mimi Walters has a proven record as one of the best conservatives in the Assembly and a leader on property rights issues. Neil Blais is an empty suit with a small handful of establishment endorsements, including Carona and Schroeder.

Too funny

Well "been around", Blais hasn't been in the Assemby so why does that make him less of a conservative? Does one need to be at that level of government before he/she is "annointed", or is this just typical rhetoric from an opponent. The truth is, Mimi Walters is endorsed by those smae individuals so Steven's comment is pointless.

As far as property rights go, I understand that on Blais's request, the Rancho Santa Margarita city council passed a resolution in support of the Jarvis eminent domain initiative, the one being vehemently opposed by the League of Cities, and the special interests that Greenhut so rightously decries. That city is the first and only city in California to take this stand in support of property rights. Looks like true leadership to me.

Where is Miller leading the charge in his city? The silence is deafening. Now there is truely an empty suit.

Too Funny is Right!

Too Funny is right. There is real leadership from Councilman Thompson and the rest of the RSM council on this issue. Come on Been Around, they had city staff draft a resolution and then they had it read into the record and then they voted on it!! And their dedication didn’t stop there….then they had city staff send a letter to the league of cities and notify them of the resolution. It isn't like they were the statewide chair of an initiative that was before the voters.

Is it just me or does the RSM council govern by “resolutions”. I believe that was there answer to criticism over the 241 debacle earlier this year.

Been Around

Give me a break. Everybody who pays attention to local governments around here knows that RSM is a joke of a city. And Blais's lead endorsements (Carona, Schroeder, et al) speak volumnes about what kind of Assemblyman he will be.

Too Funny

Looks like the Miller cabal has their britches in an uproar. But the question remains, where was Miller on the eminent domain issue? Oh I forgot, he would never support anything that would crush his ability to run rough shod over his property owners with his redevelopment agency authority.

Check Your Facts Funny Man

I just checked the Howard Jarvis website. Only seven local officials in the state have endorsed their eminent domain initiative. Jeff Miller is one of them, as is Chris Norby. Blais is not on the list.

Here is the list from Jarvis:

Elected Officials - Local
Jack Fuller, Oceanside City Council
Kevin Hanley, Auburn City Council
Sue Horne, Nevada County Board of Supervisors
Bruce Kranz, Placer County Board of Supervisors
Jeff Miller, Corona City Council
Chris Norby, Orange County Board of Supervisors
Marie Waldron, Escondido City Council

Too Funny

To Check Your Facts,

So what? The fact that the entire RSM city council voted unanimously for the resolution (according to the minutes of their meeting), certainly implies support from each individual. And look at Westminster. They have also now endorsed, but you don't see any of their individual council members listed either. Your point is meaningless. The point is, leadership takes many forms, and in this case, Blais was way out in front of Miller on the issue, and in a larger way. An entire city taking this position is clearly a stronger statement than one individual.

So with Jeff Miller "signing on", then he is stating that he has never supported, nor will support eminent domain proceedings on private property for private purposes under their city's redevelopment authority?

And if he is such a "leader" on this, then why hasn't his city passed a resolution of support? Like I said, an empty suit.

Been Around

While RSM was passing its silly resolutions, Jeff Miller was working directly with Jarvis. It looks like Miller out maneuvered Blais yet again!

Web Watcher

Funny how Blais took down the endorsement of Corona just a few days after putting out a press release of how proud he was to have it.

The good news Neil & Gary is that we got a screen shot of the site with the Corona endorsement on it before you tried to pretend it didn't happen.

Corona Endorsement ...what Corona endorsement...did Corona endorse me ???? Who is this Mike Corona guy anyway ???

Neil Blais a candidate the Clintons can be proud of.

Carla Rove

Too Funny--here is your problem: Neil Blais is running for the Assembly--Not the five council members! That is Neil's fundamental problem--No leadership. None. (I guess he can point to the his work on the OCFA--oops, I guess not). He can’t even lead his own campaign; how is he going to represent the 71st? He needs Schroeder and Ackerman to get him endorsements, Spitzer to raise him money and Thompson to do his mudslinging. Does his mommy tuck him in bed at night too?

Sacramento is a tough town. It is difficult for anybody to get anything done there and the OC GOP isn’t going to be there to hold his hand and rub his head and tell him he is doing a good job.

PS--Web Watcher, the fools sent out a press release beating thier chest on the Little Sheriff's endorsement. Can't wait for the voters to learn of that gem...probably sooner rather than later.

Karl Rove

I go away for a couple of days and missed all the fun? You Miller folks sure get upset over a lot of nothing. I sense some desperation there. But I must admit, it is quite the comedy watching you guys fall all over yourselves while slinging your mud. Quite amusing.

Web Watcher

"""You Miller folks sure get upset over a lot of nothing"""

News flash for you Gary, bragging about Neil’s close association and personal friendship with the indicted Sheriff is a whole lot of something in the voter’s eyes. It takes a little away from the clean Christian image that Blais attempts to lay on the voters.

If it is so much nothing why doesn’t Neil put the endorsement back up on his web site?

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