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November 21, 2007


Random GOPer

Looking at those numbers and the endorsements Larry has garnered, it would be a huge upset if Hagman steals this one. Tetlow and Co. should run away with this if they know what they're doing.

Long Time Politico

I would agree with the above statement if Larry proved capable of raising $$, which he hasn't.

If Curt's campaign breaks a half a million like Jubal said, Larry is toast.

OC Native

I assume their ballot designations will read "Director, Municipal Water District of Orange County" and "Chino Hills Councilman" (or something along that line). Seeing "Orange County" and "Chino Hills" on their ballots, voters will vote for their home candidate.

High Horse

You OCers need to get off your high horse about living in OC. Voters don't care.

If they did, Bill MacAloney would be the Assemblyman today. Not only was he the only OC candidate during his race, but he competed against TWO candidates from LA.

Voters care about issues and biographies, not geography.


If voters in this district cared that much about where their candidate lives/works Bob Huff wouldn't have won his race in '04; a year in which voter registration for this district was even more lopsided towards Orange County.

Although geography matters in local races(supervisor, city council, etc), all bets are off in state/federal races.

With that said, I agree with LTP. Money will be the ultimate decider on this race as well as AD71.

Been Around

The "home candidate" theory has been proven wrong time and time again. It's a losers strategy. This race will come down to 2 unanswered questions: 1.Can Hagman overcome being a bail bondsman (it will not be easy) and, 2 Can Dick demonstrate the energy and drive needed to be a winning candidate. So far, Dick's campaign has not impressed, but there is still time.



curt's apparently been working the two other counties pretty hard. walnut, diamond bar, la mirada, san dimas, even yorba linda.

Who is Larry Dick Anyways?

I would pick money over endorsements any day. Unless those endorsement can be translated into cash which in Dick's case he is a little short. Hagman by far has a better camp. Jim Nygren, Mike Richman and Diane Stone are legendary. The money favors Hagman and in a low turn out campaign that all you need.

Mike..Dont You Have Anything Better To Do?

Nygren is great.

Diane Stone is a pro.

I don't think either would consider themselves legendary.

Mike Richman barely can drink legally.

Mike, I think you need to have a few more birthdays and win a few more contested races before you start calling yourself legendary.

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