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October 06, 2007


one who knows better or not

Phu T. Nguyen is busy running a money transfer business (Hoa Phat - 5 locations in OC only, and countless locations nationwide) aka money laundering machine for the red mafia (Vietnamese communists). He makes so much money that he drives a new car every time you see him. He won't run. If he runs, Vietnamese won't vote for him.

Tammy Tran is not as ambituous as big fat Janet. Plus, she likes Mexican food. So, she won't run. Sound funny, huh?

Khoi Ta is in school now. He won't quit school to follow something not certain. A law degree is something real. Unless he becomes a Supervisor, Assemblyman or State Senator (forget about U.S. Rep or U.S. Senator, even Van Tran can't get there yet), how much can he make for a living, as a city councilman, or school trustee? Get real people!

Trung Ta is an unknown player. Never heard of him. Well, if he's not known, there's nothing for him to boast about. Voters won't vote for him. Even Vietnamese voters won't vote for him.

Phu Do Nguyen speaks English with an accent. He's not even a well-known attorney in the Vietnamese community. He has no political credentials in the Vietnamese community or the mainstream community. He's not rich either. So, his chance is slim.

Kim-Oanh Lam-Nguyen, after her lawsuit agains the Westminster School District, is now a disgrace to the Vietnamese community. People talk about her as a selfish and self-serving person (suing the school district for $1M). Plus she got her doctor degree from a lame school. In a community where education is highly regarded, her cheating in education (her degree) and agains education (taking away money from the poor kids through her law suit) only result in dismay and disgrace. Vietnamese won't vote for her. Non-Vietnamese will vote for her? Forget it. She's not known beyond the Vietnamese community's boundary.

So, get real Tomahawk. Don't scare the Republicans. Get your facts straight.

I heard a rumor that London Saulono (Trung Nguyen's former campaign manager) is exploring. And a guy from Viet Weekly is exploring Trung's current position (GGUSD trusted) when he leaves his post open to run for the Supervisor seat next year. May be you can help looking into this.

Yes, this sounds like a typical "scare tactic" to make the republicans run back to the Van Tran barn.

Tammy Tran a Dem? hummm...news to me....


"leftist Democrats"?--

"partisan as they come"?

You need to go write for the Flash Report.


Matthew, the politics of personal destruction should stop. Tammy Tran and Khoi Ta are very partisan AND very dedicated to their Vietnamese Community. Are they anyone more partisan than Van or Janet? Tammy and Khoi and great people and shouldn't be labeled negatively because they don't agree with you.


To Poster 2:01 PM,

Did I write anything about these people running for public office? No. I'm reporting on what they are doing in term of bashing the GOP on a popular radio station.

Also let's not forget what Loretta Sanchez was before she defeated B-1 Bob - NOTHING. What was Lou Correa before he became an Assemblyman - PRIVATE CITIZEN.

As far as "scaring Republicans...", heck it's not my responsibility to keep Orange County red, the Republicans can either ignore what the Vietnamese Dems are doing at their peril or try to do something about it.


To Bladerunner,

You thought I was a liberal Democrat writing for a conservative blog?


Kind of over the top, Tomahawk.
Clearly someone is insecure about the existence of active young Vietnamese Democrats.
In Tomahawk's world everyone, regardless of party, is supposed to vocally support the President's actions? Like the Reps did in the Clinton years?
And he says that "they need to be politically active again."? When did they stop?
Tomahawk claims that "these Viet Dems are as partisan as they come" - Van and Trung and pals aren't? Guess partisanship is a good quality only if you're a Republican.
Tomahawk is just upset that Dems have learned how to use the ethnic media well to get their side's message out. Watch out for more to come (I hope!)



no, but I thought you might have learned a few things from Jubal. Like saving those choice phrases like "leftist Democrats" for those that really warrant it. And avoiding leading with your chin by claiming a local group is as partisan as they come when Van Tran and Trung and their consigliere,the Dark Lord,are at least--if not more--partisan as the Dem group.

Jubal would describe them as partisan Democrats, which might be accurate. Fleischman would describe them as leftist Democrats who are as partisan as they come which would charitably be described as hyperbole, the monster drink that fuels the Flash Report. See the difference? If you don't, I'm not shocked.



Well, to be honest, it was not my intent to emulate Jon Fleischman's writings, but I must agree with you on Jubal - he is a lot more responsible in his choice of words than I am.

That being said, I still stand by my characterization of this group - Vietnamese American Democratic Club. The organization's name already invoked the spirit of partisanship.

In regard to Tran/Trung/Schroeder, i'm not disputing their Republican partisanship, but this post wasn't about them. Everyone know that Van Tran and his buddies are laboring on behalf of the Republican Party of Orange County in Little Saigon.

Anyway, thank you for the criticism as I believe they are constructive.


Ok, fair enough.

Lam Pho

Oh man, we can't have Democrats running Little Saigon. Before you know it, those liberals would set up welfare offices in the community. That would be terrible.

Yeah and they would be handing out housing vouchers and information on how to get on disablitity and also to keep working under the table at your husbands/wifes resturant. That would be terrible indeed.

Playing catch up

The Democrats have been all talk, but actually, done very little in Little Saigon and the large Vietnamese community. This is no news.

Van Tran and Company have been culling this community for years and now they yield the fruits of their labor. Actually, because of the GOP's work, through Tran's leadership in Little Saigon, that shame the Dems into doing something. The problem with this group of Democratic players is that they are known quantities. And guess what? They haven't done much. If the past is prologue, the GOP has very little to be concerned about.

Talk is cheap

Where's the Beef?

The Democratic Club can go on Vietnamese radio and talk until they're blue in the face and it won't change a thing. The day I see them launching a voter registration effort, it's the day I beleive that they are serious about Central Orange County.

Van Tran and his crew have been regsitraing new Reps in this community for years. It's a GOP community thorugh hard work, not coincidence.

If the Democrats truly understand the game, they can easily take Little Saigon. Here are two main reasons why most Vietnamese are registered Republicans:

1) They wanted to support Van Tran. Van Tran told them that in order to "vote for me", you have to be a Republican. Therefore, the Vietnamese registered in mass. Van Tran alone recruited thousands of newly registered Republicans.

2) The impression among many of them is that Republicans = anti communists and Democrats = pro communists. Some of them remember the old Republic of Vietnam and equate REPUBLIC to mean REPUBLICANS.

Besides that, everything about the Vietnamese community is extremely liberal. We all know this. The Democrats can easily get the community to support them. Just bring up the subject of housing, welfare, SSI, medical, immigration, taxes... to name few. Bring those subject up and you'll see which side the Viet is really on.

Life is not so simple

Anonymous at 02:26pm,

The Viets are not Liberal. You are so simplistic with your theory.

Most Vietnamese are Pro-Life, Pro-family (marriage between a man and a woman, retention of the nuclear family, respect for the elders), Pro-education -- traditional three Rs' that is.

Because of the hardships and life's struggles in VN and in this country, most Viets are also very conservative and have a "conservative" outlook towards life and the future. They conduct themselves as such.

Most Viets love opportunity and entrepreneurship that this country gives them. That's why they are relatively successful with opening up small business enterprise and be their own boss. You can't be more Republican than that!

Also, don't forget that most Viets hate govt. intrusion, whether in the forms of taxes or intrusive laws and mandates. Escaping from one, they should know!


The Vietnamese Democratic Club thanks you for writing this alarming post. Since it's publication they have been inundated with offers to help in their efforts.
Great Job!


You and your source sound scared of some people "who weren't doing much." Those three are just young, naive kids who can't get it up to do what Van and his team are good at. Not much competition.. hands down.

Republicans must maintain and foster the Vietnamese community. Don't get too comfortable because the older generation is being replaced by young Vietnamese, who are being indoctrinated by the liberal universities. Not to mention leftists like Kim Oanh- and yes, she is a leftist. Just be careful, because there is alot of communist money flowing through Little Saigon via Hanoi. I suspect it happens on both sides, but the Republican party must be very very careful about whom they support or we might lose the support of the Vietnamese community.

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