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October 25, 2007


Wrong Said Fred

So he won't make it because of the fires? What if he's president, will he skip the aftermath of earthquakes, fires , and floods? Bad move Fred's handlers. You don't have to do a Todd Spirzer in terms of milking the problems for political milk but to cancel an already scheduled event is pretty lame. Also, I received an invite the to OC event and it's really weak. Has a big FT logo and the whole invite looks like he's running for school board not president. Not a very good list of supporters either. I wish you all would have posted it so others could judge. I'm going to hold my nose and vote for him but I wish I could be a little prouder of his campaign.


At least one of his events was to be scheduled in an impacted fire area, so don't be so critical.

Richard Rios

I was at Senator Thompson HQ in Virginia on Wednesday while the cancellation of his pending trip was being discussed. From firsthand knowledge I can say the decision did not come easy but respect for those whose lives have been disrupted took precedence.

I admire and support Senator Thompson's decision. Upon returning from VA I found members of my own family had been evacuated twice from their home outside of Temecula.

This is not the time we need to have Senator Thompson or other politicians conducting fundraising. As fellow Californian's we need to help support and rebuild our neighbors homes - that is where money should be donated right now.

WSF, I was part of a Chaplin team that went to Huston and then to New Orleans days after Katrina. I was part of a seven man team that was the first to be let into New Orleans that was not law enforcement or fire. I state this fact to give perspective when I say the one thing I did have resentment toward during that time period was celebrities and wanna be politicians trying to get face time. Situations like this require attention to be focused on officials that are in direct control and command. We don't need to refocus media away from the issue at hand.

I suppose if Senator Thompson had come out, had the events or even cancelled the events but toured the devastation you would have been the first to criticize him as an opportunist.

I also want to point out some facts about the Rally flyer that you are criticizing. It was NOT from the Thompson campaign but if you read the last line you would have known that. It was created and distributed outside the preview of the campaign. It was done by volunteers. That is what you get when you have grassroots, non-political professionals, give from the heart type of people just trying to do what they can to get involved in the political process. I give them or any campaigns grassroots movement high marks and respect for just getting involved. If we had more people like the ones you are shamelessly putting down in your critique involved in the American political system perhaps we would be just a little better off.

I too am a grassroots volunteer. That is where the real power is and why Senator Thompson is in second with minimal staff, negligible expenses, and after entering this race later than the rest. We are very positive about the recent polling numbers trend and feel in the end Senator Thompson will be the nomination of the Republican Party.

Richard Rios

Big Mistake

c'mon freddie...this was a missed opportunity to shine

Wrong Said Fred

I love your loyalty Richard Rios and I'm voting for your guy but I hope FT's skin is a little thicker than yours. Those who receive campain invites and mail don't give you extra credit for it being a "grassroot's" looking invite unless it's designed as such. (Like finger paintings by kids,etc) I'd like to hear Jim Bieber or others in the business comment the invite. Hang in their Richard....

Wrong Said Fred

or others in the business comment on the invite. Hang in there Richard...


I think the invite was nicely done. I think it was better than some of the faxed invites that come these days.

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