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October 08, 2007


I read the doorhanger, and thought it was a cheap shot by the Sheriff's Association. I also felt slightly intimidated that they would tell us on this hanger that in order to protect us they need our support. So without our support of their escalated pension plans voted on just a couple of years ago; they won't be able to protect us?

I was of the same opinion that Janet had not made any determination on whether or not she supports the retention of the recently escalated pension benefits. I recall a different OCBoS voted for that escalation and it will cost, as John Moorlach correctly predicts, billions that this county can't afford. Do we want another bankruptcy?

The Truth shall set you free

Quint is a joke and an imbicile to boot. Everyone in the department knows Mike Carona and he alone, is the reason for low morale; early retirements; and poor recruiting. Nobody in professional law enforcement likes or respects Carona; his own Deputies don't like or respect him either. No other police agency in the State has the recruiting problem Carona has created here in O.C. Only the small, hand-picked group of "Yes" men and women around him as Captains and one or two Lieutenants, have any tollerance for the man, and that's because he throws them bones in exchange for their support. Carona and Quint don't need to look any farther than the mirror to see the real problems within OCSD/AOCDS.

Keep up the pressure Mr. Moorlach, it's obviously working due to theese desperate tactics by Quint.

plow boy

"The Truth shall set you free"

aka Bill Hunt

The Looser!

plow boy,

I don't know what you plow but you sure know how to fling the bull... First, "The Truth..." is right on in his/her comments.

Second, Bill Hunt was right on in exposing the glaring problems within the Carona administration. The man took a big one on the chin for all of us - like a real cop should. You wouldn't know anything about that by your answer. Bill Hunt for Sheriff!


Why is Janet Nguyen mentioned on this door hanger as a supporter of the deputies and public safety? It is not beyond Janet to cut a deal with AOCDS.


Can you blame Janet? You would do the same if you had to pick between being an average citizen or a County Supervisor.


My guest, Bill Campbell and Janet Nguyen will vote with the union.

Re: Pepin

Yeah I'm sure the Lincoln Club members are REALLY happy to see Janet's name in this doorhanger.

Talk about a conflict of interests.


This is really sort of sad. The union is trying to corner Janet into being its ally. The part about Moorlach wanting to strip the members retirement benefits is just a deliberate falsehood.

Since when did Janet join the Unions in fighting for their retirment benefits? I thought she was in step with Moorlach?

How is the Lincoln Club going to react to this?

At least the Lincoln Club's in the game

Why is it nobody asks the New Majority to take a stand on such things?

(pause for uproarious laughter)

Settle down, everyone. Janet won't cave on this-- she'd be the proverbial "dead meat on a hook" if she did, politically-speaking.

Re: At least the Lincoln Club's in the game

You have obviously not been watching Janet's decision making for the last 6 months. Janet will sell out to the unions and throw the middle finger to the Lincoln Club.

The unions wouldn't have used her name on a door hanger without her permission btw...


"The unions wouldn't have used her name on a door hanger without her permission btw..."

Wanna bet?


If they're using Janet's name without her permission, couldn't she sue them or ask for some sort of retraction?

So far it's very quiet on the 5th floor, i'm not hearing any clarification from Janet.

4:36 PM,
yeah I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if and how many phone calls janet had to field and or dodge from the Lincoln Club by letting the sherrifs union put her name on this door hanger.

Janet is making me dizzy with her actions becuase of the polarity of her actions. One minute she is solidly in step with "Conservative" ideology like when she backed Moorlach on his hunt for the Sherrifs pensions, and then another minute she is leaking the report out to the Register that showed little success probability on the pension overhaul.

Now she touts her Welfare Office opening just shortly after getting the endorsement from the Linoln Club and now she is on a door hanger for the Deputies Union?

What The Heck!!
Im beginnning to get whiplash from this schitzophrenic decision making by Janet. Is anyone else felling the pain and confusion I am in Janet? I mean seriously what side is she on?

Re: Cow

Cow and Anon @ 04:46pm:


It usually catches up with you in the end.


I disagree. I'll bet the union used her name hoping to pressure her into supporting them. There's nothing illegal about using somebody's name in a generic sense. But this ploy is likely to backfire badly.


And now that I think about it I wonder if similar hangers were produced for the Third and the Fifth Districts.

Sorry, I don't get it.
I did not see anything relating to Supervisor Janet Nguyen. Can someone enlighten me here?

Milk Man

Anon 6:00 PM --

You didn't see Janet Nguyen mentioned as a "supporter" of the deputies union on the front side of this door hanger?

Unions Outsmarting You All

Word is: Janet is rock solid on this issue. The unions know that Trung supporters will go crazy and make an issue out of her "support" for them, which they apparently did completely make up out of thin air. All they need is for the two of them to beat the hell out of each other in a brutal primary next year so they can slide their Dem candidate past the weary Republican nominee. And you're all taking the plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face bait.... get a clue, Republicans.


Yes, what's what Janet and her supporters would have us believe while she go out and strike a corrupt bargain with the unions.

Lam Pho

Janet's at it again! More food for the fodder. Where's her Lincoln Club now?

Just curious, but what was the reaction from Moorlach and Norby on this endorsement by janet of the union line of attack? Does anyone know? I would assume they are giving her the cold shoulder by now after this and her leaking of that memo.

OC Native

Martin Wisckol and the Orange County Register reports about the hanger:

“Thankfully, other members of the Board support our deputies and stand for public safety – including your own Supervisor Janet Nguyen.”

That's how the piece reads in Nguyen's district. In Supervisor Pat Bates' district, Bates' name replaces Nguyen's. In Supervisor Bill Campbell's district, it's Campbell's name.

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