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October 30, 2007



Hey Reeper, this is fun! Check out picture #2 and tell me if you can see anything other than skin and Carona's jacket!

And while you're at it check out the recent Moxley article with links of shennanigans all the way back to Gabbard. Very sad. I wonder if more family pictures will be forthcoming.

I watched the Machine attempt to marginalize both Pedroza and Whitacre as obsessed nuts on this very blog. I don't have to defend them. They were right about the Sheriff. And if they were obsessed that's whole lot better than the folks who looked the other way.

Credibility? An odd word to find on this thread.

N.B. As to Norby (since you seem obsessed with that), no I wasn't there, neither was anybody else. And jury members stated afterward that they didn't believe he had done anything wrong - and they were at the trial.

Black Helicopter Pilot

I watched the Machine attempt to marginalize both Pedroza and Whitacre as obsessed nuts on this very blog.

What's Zenger's hat size? We need to fit him for a tin foil hat.


9 1/2


Oh wait, that's my shoe size!


Interesting, and even amusing if not so predictable and tragic - we still have those out there that keep on keeping on showing their bleary-eyed, still-fascinated-by-the-man, support for Carona, like Reeper in this Blog. In every political event, in every political discourse, whenever there is a corrupt politician of some sort, even as evidence mounts and mounts, there are inevitably fools that just keep supporting that politician beyond reason. (And I'm not referring to family members that choose to stand by their relative even knowing that he may be bad.) To those that do support these foolish so-called corrupt politicians & elected officials (like our little sheriff), whether those supporters be private citizens or well-known public figures (and we all know who those public figures are), YOU are part of the problem, as others in this Blog have aptly stated. I say we run the problems out of town. (Too bad we can't still do that, like in the 19th century old west.) What is the major malfunction?

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