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October 11, 2007


Alex Raz

I happened to personally know Mr. Harry Sidhu for more than 8 years now. During that time he has won my admiration for him as an honest, very intelligent and hard-working individual. Watching his performance as a councilmember of Anaheim makes me wish all our elected officials had the same qualities, energy and willingless to improve our lives. He definitely has my full support, as well as support of a lot of other people that I know.

Dina Kleiman

I too support Mr. Sidhu. He proved to be an honest elected official, who is not afraid to stand up for his voters' interests. I hope he wins the election for a state senate in 2008. It's about time our government did something about the increasing amount of traffic on the freeways.


Any candidate who plans to ride a wave (ethnic, partisan, or otherwise) to victory better rethink his strategy. Candidates should understand their responsibility is to CREATE the wave, not ride it.
And the issue of signing the front of a paycheck versus the back or a paycheck is overused. Time to retire that one.


I think Harry's "wave" refers to fundraising - not ethno-politics. I still like the remark about signing the front of a check - it's been around, but it resonates with Republicans - especially ones wary of those pols who are more cozy with bureaucrats than with their constituents.

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