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October 26, 2007



35) Art Pedroza

Gustavo Arellano

If the two keep their flame war going, I'll include Art and Jubal as a couple for next year! Reminds me of the old newspaper wars--but who's Hoiles, and who's the Chandlers?


Yeah, Art and Matt -- get a room!


So the Weekly's point of leading off with OC's congressional delegation is that they all support the war, and yet they note that Boxer didn't vote for the war and didn't vote for funding of it, and they still include her? Is that some of that new New Times thing, where they have to rag on liberals and conservatives alike?

Karl Rove


Maybe they have become an equal opportunity rag?

Gustavo Arellano

"New" New Times thing, Rebecca, just like the time Scott went after Larry Agran, Nick went after Larry, Anthony went after Larry, Will went after Larry...hell, most everyone went after Larry, Nativo Lopez, Loretta and other liberals who deserved it? Don't play the ignorant, please: it's insulting to you and anyone else who's ever read the Weekly.


Gustavo, you miss my point. We never held off on bashing liberals WHEN THEY DESERVED IT. In this case, Boxer has voted consistently against the war in all its forms--which is what the lede is talking about--and yet you still include her as scary vis a vis the war. I wasn't playing the naif, Stavo. Why are you?


In case anyone's wondering what happened to the comments from Art Pedroza and Sean Mill, I deleted them because they weren't really from Art Pedroza and Sean Mill.

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