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October 31, 2007


oc dc is way cool


OC historian

Cox's only purpose as a politician was to get the Marines kicked out of El Toro so that The Irvine Company could turn the buffer zone into a sea of cookie cutter homes......that are flooding the cold real estate market! Cox's wife Rebecca was on the base closure commission that voted to shut El Toro down!

Within two weeks of Lennar assuming title to El Toro in summmer 2005, Cox had left congress! Coicidental?? Very unlikely. He served his primary purpose in congress. Get El Toro in the hands of developers.

He knows without El Toro, that John Wayne which abuts his former hometown of Newport Beach will only grow like crazy. Just think when the settlement agreement expires in 2005, he will not have to face the music as the congressman who nixed aviation reuse at El Toro.

This website talks alot about Cox and El Toro.


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