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October 25, 2007


Green Machine

Much of what LA County's OIR does is already occurring with Risk Management and County Counsel in Orange County. The OIR doesn't actually investigate incidents. LASO still does their own investigation and then submits their findings to the OIR. There's very little of substance that this organization does that Orange County doesn't already have. What it really accomplishes is to provide a false impression that there is an "independant" organization investigating police misconduct. Its a great smoke screen and public relations tool, but lets find out what they really accomplish before we heap too much praise on the this so called oversight committee.

Have they ever independantly investigated the conduct of an LA deputy? When was the last time they reviewed an investigation and reversed the findings of the department's internal investgative findings?

If Supervisor Moorlach wants transparency then this isn't the answer. Its only another feel good bureaucracy. However it does give him headlines in the Orange County Register who actively supports the idea and is more than willing to put his name/face in the headlines. Maybe that's the real story here.

Michael Lhevan

David Maggard of the Irvine PD should be in State Prison.

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