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October 08, 2007


Dan Chmielewski

$500 is not "sizable."

And calling a former member of Congress an "America-hating" anything is quite a charge. McKinney is right in her criticisms of the Iraq War and in the administration's handling of New Orleans/Katrina. And at least she's not taking a wide stance in an airport bathroom or paying hookers to put a diaper on her in New Orleans, or issuing a "bribe" list.

Tying Dilati into this is a real stretch.


Or stuffing thousands in cash in an office freezer or buggering teenage male pages like Gerry Studds.

aria ghafari

wow. you just used Debbie Schlussel as a source... whoops


Dear Lord, John,

Paint Cynthia for the authority-abusing far-left partisan that she is. But "America Hating?" That's just schoolyard name calling.

This is America, John. People disagreeing with you, particularly in politics, IS THE WHOLE POINT. They don't need to share your vision of America to love America. The segregationists who fought against Civil Right weren't "America Hating." They loved America, but they were wrong about the rest of us wanting to live in their vision for America. Big difference. Likewise with Rep. Mckinney. Simply represent her views for what they are and most will come to your side; no name calling required.

Returning to your writing, you had me until that epithet, at which time I put you alongside Cynthia Mckinney: yet another Politico too addicted to inflammatory rhetoric to be worth paying attention too.



This post is just plain weird - from start to finish.


While I am a Republican I have to agree with others here that $500 is not a sizable donation. It is a donation and shows support yes, but certainly nothing "sizable"

Gustavo Arellano

Flowerszzz: Am I not paying close-enough attention, or are you not commenting as much these days?


Gustavo = you are right I have been super busy. :-)

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