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October 24, 2007


Rene Jones

Total Logistics Solutions Extends its Services Offering to include a ‘Consumer Advocate Program’ for Post Disaster Victims

Burbank, CA – October 15, 2008 –Total Logistics Solutions, Inc. has added another beneficial service to aid in their Cover Your Assets Program; the Post Disaster Consumer Advocate.

After a disaster, individuals and families will have the emotional and time consuming task of putting a content list together for their insurance provider. The Post Disaster Consumer Advocate is available to help victims begin putting the pieces back together.

“Our goal is to help individuals in all areas of disaster preparedness by providing services that can ease the stress and emotional duress of anyone dealing with asset loss and filing an insurance claim,” stated Rene Jones, the founder and CEO of Total Logistics Solutions. He realized the importance of a home inventory when his home was destroyed by a fire in 2004.

“We realized that the best way to make the insurance claims process a little easier and less complicated for individuals affected by a crisis, is to offer specialized services that meet their needs. Our post disaster assistance provides a comprehensive approach to the claims process while giving each customer the personalized service necessary to meet their unique needs. They provide a viable and affordable option while relieving the stress and lessening the emotional burden of doing this on their own,” said Tana Jackson, one of the Cover Your Assets leading Consumer Advocates.

Total Logistics Solutions is also offering Post Disaster Workshops for groups of people that have experienced a disaster and need assistance in getting started with the claims process. The most recent workshop was held on October 4, 2008 in San Diego, CA for survivors from the 2007 Witch Creek Fire. The goal of that workshop was to assist “last minute” homeowners over the hump of starting a home inventory list so they could meet their claims deadline. The event was a huge success. The fire victims felt the “monkey on their backs” had been removed for the first time in a year. Total Logistics Solutions will be offering the Post Disaster Workshops every 3 months in areas that are recovering from a disaster.

A Post Disaster Consumer Advocate is available by appointment to work with individual home and business owners. Cover Your Assets Consumer Advocates will provide resources and guidance to assist with creating an inventory list as well as determining current prices for destroyed items prior to submission to your insurance company. By utilizing this service, customers will receive a discount on additional CYA products and services.

For more information on Cover Your Assets Programs and Services or to schedule a workshop for your group please call 1-888-807-0958.

Total Logistics Solutions, Inc., founded in 1997, was named one the “Top 100” supply chain and logistics organizations in 2007 by Supply and Demand Chain Executive magazine. Cover Your Assets is a consumer based product developed and distributed solely by Total Logistics Solutions, Inc. employees and its independent associates. CYA™ is inventory software developed for homeowners for the purposes of maximizing a return on your insurance investment. Total Logistics Solutions, Inc. asset management division uses the same concept for corporations throughout the US and Canada. To learn more about Total Logistics Solutions and their product, “Cover Your Assets” visit their website www.itstime2cya.com.

Alicia Martin, Director of Marketing
Phone: (888) 807-0958 Ext. 709
Email: info@logisticsociety.com
Website: http://www.itstime2cya.com
ABC Video Website: http://www.itstime2cya.com

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