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October 29, 2007


CUSD Constituent

If they want to learn about the whole mess in Capo Unified, they should log on to www.cusdrecall.com


Keith for School Board!

Who voted in favor of and against the selling of the properties in question?

Keith Carlson

As I understand it, Shirley Carey has been the only one 'against' consistently. There has been another member who seems to have switched to the 'against' camp recently. That makes it 3-2 'for' selling. I will try to get the sames of the for's v. against's.

For clarification sake;
This is a different board of trustess than the one that Matt Harper sits on? Am I correct or is this the same board that Matt Harper is on?

Keith Carlson

Clarification sake:

You are correct, this is not Matt Harper's board.

As for the names, I'm told:

Celia Jaffe, Catherine McGough and Rosemary Saylor appear to still be in favor of selling at least some property;

Shirley Carey has always been opposed; and

Brian Rechsteiner might be moving from "for" to "against" the sale. (He voted to rescind the termination of the leases with the two private schools and in his public comments appears to be reconsidering his position on selling the school sites.)

I don't have personal knowledge on these people or their positions, but that is what I'm told.

I'm trying to get an update about last night's study session.

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