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October 01, 2007


Janet lost my vote

Why only Vietnamese get the special treatment? This is reverse racism and preferences of one group over another. It's even worse for using my tax dollars to do this.

As a First District voter, she lost my vote. I will also encourage 8 other family members, some of whom also voted for her in the special election, not to support her this time.

Net Four

I’m not Vietnamese but I think any efforts to better connect with any part of the 1st district is a good thing. I live in Santa Ana and I did not for Janet in the special and none of my 12 family members did either but we will all vote for Janet now because she is being proactive in reaching out to her constituents. She has been at lots of Santa Ana neighborhood events and we see her as much or more often than former Supervisor Correa whom I believe may have even lived in Santa Ana. Thank you Janet!

get a life

Tomahawk - was this post an official policy statement from Van Tran?

Net Four?

Are you joking?

Johnny Slash

Did Tomahawk's "friend" the amatuer photographer forget to tell him that district director Dave Everett and fellow staffer Troung Diep arrived at the event to deliver a nice certificate signed by Assemblyman Van Tran?

With the sharpness of this post one has to wonder what axe does Tomahawk have to grind?

Keeping an eye on Janet

I keep hearing a persistent rumor that Supervisor Janet Nguyen made a large commitment to a charity drive in the district, but they have yet to receive her check weeks after their event.
Failing to follow up on these pledges quickly turns good will to a bad reputation.

Unhappy Latino

Net Four,

You must be kidding, right? Are we talking about the same Janet Nguyen who bashed the Latinos, most of whom lived in Santa Ana, during the Special. And now this with the Little Saigon office.

You sound like you are on Janet Nguyen's payroll. You and your 12 family members. We're supposed to believe that too. BTW, how much does this thing cost in rent and staffing?


This is the first and probably the last day that anyone notices what goes on there. Many of your tax dollars will disappear there. Tammany Hall redux!

Lam Pho

"Why is a county office promoting a housing program that the City of Santa Ana is responsible for?"

Good point. Tomahawk, use your connection and ask around, you'll find that every single staff in Santa Ana hates Janet Nguyen. They despise her for using their program for her own personal political gain.


To: "Janet lost my vote,"

I think it is an erroneous comment to say that "Vietnamese gets all the special treatement." According to my resource, Janest's community service center is open to the general public regardless of race. I am not rebutting your comment because I am a Janet's supporter. Au contraire, I did not vote for Janet nor shall I ever do so. My rebuttal is in fairness of the Vietnamese people. Although I believe that the center is good for the community, nevertheless, it should not be costing taxpayers' monies ($5,000.00 per month as reported in the article). If Janet is truly working for the community and doing it from the heart, selflessly, she should be putting the monies out of her own pocket like the Van's team has with the Little Saigon Outreach Center/Headquarter. Maybe this where ingenuousness comes into play.

new campaign address

I wonder how long it will take for Janet to use that address for her campaign mailers. And we all know that once caught she will claim that she did not know that she was violating campaign law. Janet must think that no one is on to her little game with this new office. Guess what Janet, we are, and the voters will prove that to you in the next election! Keep it up Janet - we need the help with the negative mailers against you.

I remember 1974

Here's the problem with your argument -- how many Hispanic news outlets were there to help spread the information on the welfare center in the large Latino community? No one's fooled. This is a center pandered to one ethnic group over the preference of the others.

If you want to pander and cater, that's fine. But you should not do it on the taxpayers' dime. Use your own money.

Janet Nguyen made the taxpapers pay for this welfare center, then she we'll have to pay back to the taxpayers come next year with a large loss of votes.

Janet pays later

As taxpayers, we pay now for Janet Nguyen's vanity in opening a government funded welfare center, but that's okay. She'll pay later come June next year.

The line between vanity and foolishness is so thin. Janet Nguyen, you are too dim to see the difference.


From the LA Time: "On Monday, dozens of people gathered around Andrew Do, Nguyen's chief of staff, as he explained how to fill out the form for subsidized housing. He told the crowd to pay attention to instructions and urged them to come back to the center if they had questions regarding Medicare or food stamps."

I think this should help people figure out what kind of office this is and what type of service Janet will be providing.

Free money anyone?

Hey Observer,

It's a freakin self-promoted welfare office at taxpaeyrs' expense. Let's call it for what it is!

name the abuser

Is it County's Community Service Center or Janet's?

According to a public announcement on Viet Bao daily news (perhaps fed by Janet or her team), it's HER office (see below).

I'll help translate the first 2 sentences:


The Little Saigon office of Supervisor Janet Nguyen will .....


Văn phòng Little Saigon của Giám Sát Viên Janet Nguyễn sẽ cung cấp các thông tin liên quan đến việc làm, sức khoẻ, thuế vụ, kế hoạch gia đình, giáo dục v.v... Giúp nộp đơn trợ cấp gia cư housing. Địa chỉ: 15460 Magnolia Street, Westminster, CA 92683 (cạnh Saigon Bistro, và võ đường Đặng Huy Đức). Phone: (714) 834-3110.

can you translate the rest of that for us since the Viet Boa won't?

Free translator

Literal translation from Viet-language Viet Bao Daily:


Little Saigon Office of Supervisor Janet Nguyen will provide information related to jobs, health, tax, family planning, education, etc. Will help submit applications for housing assistance. Address and phone numbers ....

Abortion Alert!!!

Abortion Alert!!!

Did I get it right after reading the translated excerpt that Janet Nguyen's welfare office also provide free "family planning services"? This is a euphemism for abortion services, or killing babies!!


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