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October 25, 2007


Know Ya Well, Buddy


Character and Integrity is something you have never lacked.

Is there some kind of vitamin or magic pills you can share with current Candidates. I noticed the same thing, but I chalked it up to the gusto of Candidates vs. the ever rising costs of getting elected these days.

Good Job and maybe you can speak at the next GOP Leadership Training seminar...

colony rabble

I agree, to continue hosting fundraisers in the midst of this tragedy is tasteless.

It is rather ironic that Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, the self proclaimed champion of the poor and downtrodden, continues to host a VERY pricey fund-raiser at the Menage tonight, when so many of our County neighbors find themselves in peril. Reason #428 to not support her. I am appalled that the world sees her leadership of Anaheim, she is not much of a role model around here.

One Who Knows

Total, unmitigating hogwash.

Campaign fundraising is not so lofty an enterprise as to make it unseemly to practice during bushfires. Even, bushfires which cause one to pontificate thusly, "As I write this, ashes continue to fall in my Irvine neighborhood -- the sun tinged with the orange of smoke..."

What a crock.

Life goes on! Macy's, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue are all open. So is UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton. So too churches, synagogues and mosques. Same with Taco Bell and McDonalds, bookstores and brothels. They are all there...ready to take your money whenever you choose to spend.

Why should politics be any different?

For politics to shut down because a few people who chose to live in a canyon (instead of in Garden Grove where real people live) have to move to the Motel 6 for a few months is preposterous.

Chuck DeVore

I generally agree with One Who Knows on this one. Jon, political events, even fundraisers, can be used as a forum to discuss the fires, what can be done to help those directly impacted, and what policy changes might be put forward to lessen the likelihood of their happening again.

Life does go on.

When would you suggest a lifting of the moratorium on events? When the flames cease? When all the evacuated are back home? When all homes are rebuilt? Further, given the nature of California, what about the inevitable floods and mud slides we will have this winter as the result of rains pounding down on denuded hillsides? Should events be cancelled for those and for how long afterward? Who or what council of wise people would determine when it would be appropriate to resume normal life? What radius of action should this “no event zone” encompass? Where the smoke can be smelt? Or seen? A whole county? Southern California? The state? The West?

No, I say one of the great strengths of America is that life goes on. People continue to go to worship, to shop, to go to school. Football games are played. And yes, some people stop for a moment to count their blessings in the fires’ aftermath and perhaps contribute to a fire relief fund or volunteer some time.

To that end, Jim Bieber’s big Halloween party this weekend will go on – with a twist: Jim has announced that he will pass the hat for both the Red Cross Wildfire relief fund and the Families Assistance Ministry. Diane and I will be bringing two checks – one for each fund. I’d say raising a few thousand dollars for those impacted by the fires AND still having the party epitomizes what is resilient and good about America.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

colony rabble

Fundraising for a good cause is fine, but for political gain during a state of emergency is tacky. On the other hand, this article from the Register shows a class act. And yes, I am a volunteer with the SOAR campaign. How much money are the politicos going to give to fire victims?

Mickey helps fire victims
October 24th, 2007 by stully
While the Happiest Place on Earth is going on as usual, the Walt Disney Co. is trying to do its part to help with the fire chaos happening near its theme parks.

Today, the company announced that it will give $2 million for fire relief efforts, starting with a $200,000 donation to the American Red Cross for immediate help.

The rest will be given later for volunteer centers, rebuilding and environment restoration. Company volunteers also plan to help with care-package distribution, and Disney characters plan to visit shelters, including Qualcomm Stadium.

Later, the Disneyland Resort plans to set aside a special day of appreciation for firefighters and their families.

-Sarah Tully


I side with Jon on this one.

Yes, life goes on, but in politics perception is as important as reality and this kind of action opens one to the charge of "being out of touch." The "Nero fiddled while Rome burned" -style hit mailer practically writes itself.

Perhaps Chuck and Sarah have right sense of it: keep the event, but explicitly re-orient around the current crisis. If it was me, I'd have add-on fundraiser to help acquire one of those 94 fire trucks San Diego was too cheap buy for itself... which probably explains why I don't have a bright career ahead of me in politics.

Chuck DeVore

Well Jon, it looks like the man I am supporting for President sides with you on this question:

Senator Fred Thompson Postpones Southern California Trip

In light of the wildfires throughout the region and significant disaster relief efforts, Senator Fred Thompson regretfully has cancelled his scheduled trip to Southern California next week.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District


Colony - you are back to 427 reasons....she gave the proceeds to the Red Cross for fire victims.

She Can Read...

I bet she secretly reads OCBLOG.NET whenever she can...

colony rabble

I stand by 428 reasons and counting. "she can read" is right, she did not announce the donation until long after this debate began on the blog. The woman has to be goaded into doing the right thing, and then only does it if she can take a bow for it. I am tired of her "look at me" approach to life. There are plenty of us out there doing the right thing without issuing a press release about it.


LOL Colony....please notice that she is the ONLY politician in Orange County that did such a thing....there were quite a few other political events last night.

colony rabble

Oh, I know, life goes on, and I am glad the Red Cross will benefit from Lorri's need to be the "champion of the people". We also turned a neighborhood gathering into a mini-fundraiser for the cause. I just question whether the Red Cross would be making a hefty deposit today if Lorri had not been called out by name first. I have yet to see her do a good deed quietly, just for the sake of doing it. And I suspect the others might have done the same if anyone called them on it. A sorry bunch of "leadership" seems to be running right now, and I am still naive enough to be shocked by the selfishness. Give me until November '08, I'm sure my ability to be horrified will be dissipated. I am glad Jon brought this out into the open, I thought maybe I was being too sensitive to be upset at the money-game being played with the southland burns. Glad to know I was not alone.


"I have yet to see her do a good deed quietly, just for the sake of doing it"

If she did, how would you know about it?

colony rabble

Touche' red peregrine. It would be nice to simply catch her doing something nice, rather than her posting a press release every time she does.

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