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October 02, 2007


Whats Janet afraid of?

maybe janet is not afraid of anything. maybe trung/schroeder failed to file a proper appeal and are being called on it. i would think that anyone who supports the right of trung/schoreder to file an election contest and an appeal would also support janet's right to challenge that appeal as defective, which, if you would read both the motion and the underlying appeal, is the case


Anon 7:30 PM, do you have a copy of the appeal because how else could you tell if it's defective, unless you're connected to Janet.

if you hit the link in the original story it takes you to both the appeal, which is a public document, and the motion, which is also a public document,,,,perhaps if you guys read the actual papers instead of relying on one of van or trungs lackeys, you would understand what is going on

Hey 730pm
How was the turnout at Janets fundraiser at Azteca after the grand opening of her welfare office in little saigon?

Just wondering, since Van Tran and Trung offered to let Janet share their privately funded welfare office in Little Saigon, just what is it they do in their office? Do they help people with housing applications? More importantly, how do they actually fund that office? I know Van Tran is wealthy, does he do this altruistically or is it funded by fees paid by those using the office?


Van Tran's office is funded by members of his team. No tax payers dollars are spent there; not something that could be said about Janet's welfare office.

From news accounts in the Vietnamese community, the electdeds' office, which is funded privately, has helped hundreds and hundreds of people over the past several months since its opening.

Janet Nguyen is afraid and wanted to have her office -- a welfare office to compete with Trung and get a nice news release out of this. She's competing for Viet votes because she knew she lost to Trung last February. Come back in a month and check out Janet's welfare center. It's gonna look like a church on Monday, mostly empty when the cameras are gone.

Gee, the Trannie's nor the Trungs seemed to get my question. If you can blatently call Janet's office a "welfare office" but then in the next breath claim that the "privately funded" office of Van Tran's has HELPED hundreds of hundreds of people over the last several MONTHS since it opened; you still haven't told me what kind of "help" they are getting??


Anon 4:35PM, if the Trannies or Trungs want to use their own money the way they see fit that should not be anyone's concern. But if Janet use taxpayers' money then it would be fair to ask the question whether it is beneficial to her or the OC taxpayers. The "welfare office" term may not be your liking but do you want to call it anything else?

Trannie Volunteer

Anon @4:45PM,

How about voter registration of new voters? Does Janet Nguyen know how to do voter registrsation for others, or she only cares for herself?

Dear Anonyme:

So I guess you are saying it doesn't matter who funds it; a welfare office is a welfare office. And apparently since poster 10/3 at 1:11 said that Janet wanted an office to, and I quote, "a welfare office to compete with Trung", apparently, the Trung and Van Tran office is also running a welfare office. And whether or not they are funding it, I ask, "is it fair to the taxpayers"? Well we could look at it another way. If you are beholding to the Van Tran/Trung group, then you would more likely vote for them. If you can go to a county run office you really don't have to be beholding to Janet or Van Tran/Trung. Well no wonder you all are so critical of it. It breaks that bond between the Tran/Trung and the community and lets those seeking assistance be able to seek it in a county run facility where they don't have to be beholding to anyone. Well, now that makes good sense to me.

Trannie Volunteer

Let's get some facts out between the two offices.

Janet Nguyen's office opened several months after the electeds' office in Little Saigon (all 8 Viet electeds' contribute, not just Trung Nguyen or Van Tran).

Second, the electeds' office doesn't require public money. It's all private.

Third, we live in a democratic and free country. No one is beholden to anyone. People will vote for whomever they like.

Fourth, Janet Nguyen will have to answer for her use of public funds -- politically and fiscally.

Opinion -- the fourth item will for certain be made an issue next year against Janet Nguyen. Live with the decision you have made.

Art Pedroza

52% of all filers for Section 8 housing in Santa Ana are Asian. Maybe Supervisor Nguyen knows this? I am betting that she does.

BTW, only a third of the applicants are Latinos.

So much for the myth about Latinos using more social services than others.

Janet's welfare center


At 52%, that's surprsingly low given that your Janet ran ads for these housing aplications for the last three weeks in all the Vietnamese language newspapers and other news medium. Wonder how she's paying for those ads.

How many ads for housing applications and how long, if any, did she run her ads in Univision, La Opinion, Miniondas, etc.?

It's easy to manipulate the turn out and she had to do it to justify (falsely) the need for a Vietnamese welfare center.

Let's see how many people will actually use the welfare center by next month and the months to come. We all know that this is politics at your and my expense. She's fooling very few people.


Anon 12:38PM,
It ain't so. It is matter who funds the office, particularly the taxpayers. They can demand a transparency from an official, for example Janet. Their money is not free. It is their right to ask whether the money benefits Janet's upcoming election or to taxpayers.
While the Tranies or Trungs want to use their own money the taxpayers would be careless about it.
Can you see the difference?

so Janet and Trung are running "welfare offices". Whether with tax payers money or their own money, doesn't it strike anyone funny that these two Republicans are so active in assisting people get freebies from the gov?

Big difference

Anon @ 8:00 PM,

Huge difference. Private help is fine with me. Just don't do it on my dime like Janet Nguyen. If there are freebies and you qualify for them, would you not want some too? Let's be honest.

To Big Difference and to 8:00PM:

Big Difference: I have worked hard all my life. I have watched others feed at the public trough for years as I work long hours and support through taxes those who "take". I resent having to pay taxes for people who will work for 6 months then go on unemployment for as long as it lasts, I also resent those who don't pay taxes; I also resent those who falsely claim low income and gain taxpayers benefits via low cost housing or housing assistance or welfare if they are able to work. So, NO I do not want freebies and I don't think others should be dishonest and worthless enough to accept them. Moreover, if 52% of the recipients of housing assistance (See Pedroza's post) are Asian recipients, it makes me wonder which office (since Janet just went into business with this effort) has helped raise that number that high. And when you go to little saigon you are offered the option of not paying taxes in most every store. So, the huge population of Asians is sorely contributing to the declining city revenues and the increasing taxes committed to low income housing, etc. Not to mention they overtax the infrastructure while all the poor working stiffs pay for it. So even if the Tran/Trung/Etc. office is privately funded they are still processing people to the public trough....sucking up tax dollars.

To 8:00 Yes, I agree, funny that all these republicans are sucking up tax dollars like this by helping increase the welfare rolls. But I think it buys votes...whaddayouthink? Still, if Janet can maintain the office without her "hand" in it and by showing the "recipients" that there is a "neutral" ground on which to "gain" services, it serves one purpose, to break the stranglehold that the Tran/Trung,Etc. group has as "representing for free the needs of the community" while they fund it from their own pockets do you think there is no ultimate payback or ulterior motive at work?

False Assumptions

To Anon @02:45 PM,

Towards the end of your post, you have made a number of false assumptions to defend your weak position, which is to apologize for Janet Nguyen.

Let's restate and break your assumptions apart:

1) Don't assume that the electeds' office processes welfare recipients. Talk to a volunteer and visit the site before assuming anything. You're just flat wrong.

2) The electeds office does not process welfare anything. This office represents the finest tradition of volunteerism from the electeds and those who come out to volunteer. No money or vouchers being passed out here.

3) What stranglehold are you talking about in a free and democratic country? You insult the intelligence of the community and those who come in to seek help.

4) If the electeds get more support for their effort, then great for them. Welcome to doing politics the American way. You reap the crops of your labor. Don't try to make it sound as if there is something wrong with this.

At least these people are honest enough not to use tax payers money Like Janet Nguyen and falsely call it help for the District. I guess you think we're all stupid, right?

A Proud Volunteer for the Electeds' Outreach Office

To False Assumptions 8:25:

What a conundrum we suffer here...

I make no apologies for Janet Nguyen. She doesn't need anyone to apologize for her. She filed for a recount, she won the race and Trung & Company have been after her ever since.

First, I made no assumptions, I was merely referring to previous posts (10/3 1:11) who said:
"Janet Nguyen is afraid and wanted to have her office -- a welfare office to compete with Trung.

When I refer to "stranglehold" apparently you are not aware of many things which I will not state here. I have been told and have SEEN many things and personally experienced a few things relative to the strong hold (which to me resembles a stranglehold) that the Machine has on the Viet Community.

You said: " 4) If the electeds get more support for their effort, then great for them. Welcome to doing politics the American way. You reap the crops of your labor. Don't try to make it sound as if there is something wrong with this"

and you said: "3) What stranglehold are you talking about in a free and democratic country? You insult the intelligence of the community and those who come in to seek help"

I do not insult anyone. IF I went to an office that helped me get housing assistance I would feel obligated to those who helped me. Would I vote for them? Probably, most likely in fact, I would. Because you want those who help you to stay in a position to continue to help you. That makes sense doesn't it? Are you with me here?

So since, and I quote again: "52% of all filers for Section 8 housing in Santa Ana are Asian" I wonder how many lives the offices of the "Electeds" has "touched" in Westminster, Garden Grove, etc. And while, as a volunteer there yourself, you see the work you do as good, and I am sure you are a good person to be volunteering to help people, perhaps the larger picture is not clear to you. No, I don't think you are stupid. I think you are dedicated to doing what you are doing; and you obviously like what you do. Congratulations, I'm happy for you. But you must realize there are some obligatory feelings on the part of the recipients you help?

Convoluted logic

Anon @9:09 AM,

Janet Nguyen can do whatever she wants and will have to answer for her use of taxpers' money with the Little Saigon Office. I am sure lots of people will bring this up. They have already.

Please do not scare and intimidate good volunteers like myself and many others with your "bogey man" insinuation in the Viet community. Do not practice the dark politics of the past. We're very tired of this. It's too bad that you feel that way. Try to do good and not try to find things that are wrong with your opponents.

A Proud Volunteer for the Electeds' Outreach Office

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