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October 12, 2007


In any case, janet will have a terrible holiday season. She is going to come out of this weaker than she will be able to recover from. her BOS career is over.

name the abuser

for trung he will not lose anything since he's already lost. if he loses this time, he'll run against janet in a couple of months anyway and he might win anyway. if he wins instead, it's a blow to janet and a boost for him in the next election.

well, his victory is more beneficial to all of us than janet's. people are already tired of janet's self-serving and inmaturity.


The nightmare for all of us here in Orange County is almost over. There will no more post about this Supervisorial race. Everyone can go back to their normal lives without paying attention to this long and winding ping-pong duel.

Milk Man

Poster 2:18 PM --

Are you forgetting that Janet is up for re-election next June and if she doesn't win that outright, then round 2 will be in November?

Janet might not be sued anymore after this year but we are still a long way from being done with this supervisor "ping-pong" duel.

And isn't that too bad? I'm pretty tired of watching the continual harassement of our elected official.

One Who Knows

"I'm pretty tired of watching the continual harassement of our elected official?"

Then stop watching.

Harassing our elected officials is the birthright of every American. Just ask Bill Clinton or George Bush.

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