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October 31, 2007


Sick on Power-Hungry Moorlach

I for one am growing sick of Moorlach's continuing power trip. If the voters elected an official, they alone have the right to remove that person!

Would this be in place to affect Mike?

No Dice


I thought us Republicans were for limited Government, not for more?


More knee jerk bureaucracy. Leave it alone, the BOS should NOT have the authority to take out an elected for any reason. It is set up the way it is for a reason. The system is not broken.

Recall Moorlach

Stupid idea Moorlach. Remember you are in America not Scandinavia. The voters decide on these issues.


Not a good idea and who is John Moorlach to judge a fellow elected official? We already have a group of people for that - the juror.

Knows better

Your assertion, "Let's not forget that this is after all America and a person is legally innocent until proven guilty by a court of law" is factually inaccurate. Innocent as a factual state (for example, do you think OJ Simpson is innocent?). The courts have interpreted the constitution to require that a person is presumed "not guilty." Citing OJ again, he has legally been found not guilty, which is a legal finding, not a factual state.

Oh, BTW, one can be found guilty but be factually innocent too.


LoL, thanks for the legal advice, but I think readers know what i'm trying to say here, without sounding like an attorney.


This is a bad idea for a number of reasons, foremost of which is that I don't like the idea of local legislators being able to remove other local politicians from office. That permits a likelihood of vendeta justice, which is in my view a bigger problem than that being remedied by this stupid idea. Plus, the Sheriff, DA and County Assessor are elected by the entire county, not 1/5th of it.

There are already methods available to remove people from office, including recall and criminal prosecution, both of which give the citizenry (either by voting or by the jury process) the ability to speak on a way-ward politician's culpabilty.

This is a waste of taxpayer money.

No way Jose

No way do we as voters give up our ability to remove elected officals from office and hand over to the BOS. That is the most insane thing Moorlach has ever spewed from his fat lips. THIS IS AMERICA and let’s not forget that fact! Moorlach needs to get off his power trip and fast or he will find himself being recalled,


Be careful what you wish for. What is to say that in a recused vote of 4-0 that the BOS votes to remove Moorlach. Now I realize that is a bit outrageous, but it could happen given the right set of circumstances.

There already is a process in place to remove elected officials - recall. Anything other than that is to supercede the power of the electorate.

Also, at whose discretion or definition will determine an "abusive" elected officials.


so, would this mean 4 of BOS's could remove the 5th?

might be a new count to learn

...so, would this mean 4 of BOS's could remove the 5th?

Now, that part I like!


I must've misread the proposal becuase my impression was that this would allow the BOS to place a recall on the ballot without having to collect signatures much like initiatives.

I'm not sure I agree with that becuase it could be used against a weaker office holder and force an expensive campaign. But it still ins't as bad as unilaterally allowing the BOS to flat out remove someone.


Recall Moorlach:

Difference of opinion is welcome. Name calling isn't. This is your first and last warning.

Nuff said

If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Concerned in South County

Good thing Moorlach is a small government Republican.

I hope the Republican party finally wakes up and realizes that Moorlach is no different then a Democrat. He cares only about his ego and power.

Mr. Moorlach, we are realizing that the emperor wears no clothes...

Mr. Moorlach's proposal is frightening. There seems to be a consistent power grab approach by the Supervisor. Most people knew before he took office that he loved the headlines, getting his name in the paper, and unabashedly taking credit for successes in which he had little or no part. However it appears that the power which accompanies his position may be as out of control as his need to read his name in the paper. If this desire for increased power continues Orange County citizens could find themselves in a real mess. Supervisor Moorlach needs to reign it in a bit, and the other Supervisors need to help the citizens by helping him with what appears to be a growing power addiction.

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