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October 23, 2007


Chairman Emeritus

Anyone who was at Buck Johns' house last night got a feel for what the Orange County Republican Party used to be about. It felt good to be part of a "Grand Old Party."

Mike Huckabee brought the house down!

Tim Steed

Law and Order for Chuck Norris are his left and right roundhouse kicks!

Long-time politico

Those supporting Governor Huckabee will never have to apologize for what their man stands for or does. One can argue with his policy positions, but it is impossible to question his integrity or decency. What a breath of fresh air. That cannot be said of any of the 'major' candidates for the presidential nomination of either party.


Short sleeve shirt with a jacket? Watch upside down? Hmm. Maybe Romney can lend him his fashion consultant.

OC Native

Despite his claims to be a tax-cutter, Huckabee has repeatedly raised taxes - far more times and amounts than he has cut taxes. Cato gave him a "D" rating for his gubernatorial tenure. His tenure brought 37% higher sales tax in Arkansas, 16% higher motor fuel taxes, and 103% higher cigarette taxes.

Despite his claims of fiscal conservatism, he increased the Arkansas state budget 65.3% (three times the rate of inflation!). He increased the number of state government workers by 20% during his administration, and he increased the state's general obligation debt by $1 billion.

Mike Huckabee falsely claims the conservative mantle. His record shows he's just another big government liberal pretending to be a conservative.

Jonathan Constantine

Nice post.

-- Jonathan


I was thinking the exact same thing reperegrine...the GQ reader in me cringed at that picture. To be fair though, he also is sporting a guitar, which definitely de-formalizes the atmosphere a great deal :).

All valid points, OC Native. I've had to come to terms with them myself. Keep in mind though that Arkansas's State Legislature is overwhelmingly Democratic. They in fact hold a super-majority in the Assembly, making lowering taxes, much less keeping them from being raised very hard. Keep in mind that though spending did go up 65.3% under his tenure, the budget remained in surplus $850 million. I think there is definitely some give-and-take there

Allan Bartlett

He's pro amnesty and a tax raiser. Not a good combo IMO.

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