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October 17, 2007


DP Resident

Let's be honest:

"...is the best candidate to represent South Orange County,”

Once again I ask, what has Harkey done to deserve such praise? In the past she has never been able to pull people together on any major issue. Important projects such as the Town Center are on hold while she runs for higher office because Harkey does not want to risk alienating voters. Some have blamed the Recall, but anyone who has been watching knows the City has been in slow motion since she was selected as Mayor.

"...a proven conservative,.. ” who just gave a handout of $25,000 to the Chamber of Commerce. For almost 30 years the Chamber has put on a Thanksgiving "Turkey Trot" race for charity WITHOUT cash from the City. The Chamber is even claiming their fund raising is better than last year. Yet Harkey has decided this is the best use of City funds? If this was for charity, why didn't the City donate the money directly?

The real reason the Lincoln Club is jumping behind Diane has nothing to do with her ability and everything to do with the money her husband Dan has been shoveling around to the Southern California republicans for the past few years.

Carol Rudat Supports Harkey

Carol Rudat is listed as part of Harkey's Finance team....unbeleivable....such a solid candidate invovled with a RUDAT!

Money supporting money

This is nothing more than money people rewarding a money person. What a joke...

antony cooke

Harkey as Mayor has been as much as a disaster as it has been a cruel joke on the people of Dana Point. Council meetings have become an embarrassment. And as for being a proven conservative, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, in Harkey's past to merit such a proclamation.

The only thing she has achieved has been to divide the residents and encourage them to attack her critics publicly. These critics are supposed to be amongst the people she represents. Therefore, as for representing Orange County - without the slightest clue (or more likely, the interest) in how to represent the concerns of her present constituents in tiny Dana Point, how does the Lincoln Club think that she would suddenly be able (or even develop the altruism) to represent the people of such a large county?? Diane Harkey represents only herself, and her own vain ambitions, which she will try to buy, as with everything else, no matter the cost. But she cannot buy integrity or wisdom.

By their actions, the Lincoln Club has taken upon itself to make a mockery of their own illustrious namesake. Do they have no idea how they look to the outside world? The appear as just a group of self-important elitists who take great pride in letting everyone else - not in their lofty glass house - just how influential they are! It's no badge of honor to be embraced by these social climbers. And how many of them have their own problems of credibility?

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