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October 10, 2007


Nice one Janet

Defend this one Art.


Isn't it illegal to write checks that bounce? Doesn't the local DA prosecute these offenses?

Let me ask another question, I wondered if she conspired to bounce these checks. Wouldn't conspiring to commit a crime also prosecutable too?

Finally, I know she will still claim to be a fiscal conservative but bouncing checks and spending taxpayers money to remodel your office extravagantly prove otherwise.

Clam Oh

Another material for a negative mailer from the Democratic Party of Orange County hitting Janet next year.

janet did not bounce a check, janet's attorney apparently bounced a check, but anybody who knows janet's attorney knows he has no concept of money

Friend of Phil Greer

Are you implying that Phil Greet, Janet's able attorney screwed up, once again? Wasn't he the one who told her to open up that illegal legal defense fund?

What a joke...

i didn't know that greer had any friends,,,and unless i am mistaken, janet and not trung is sitting in the supervisor seat and there is a motion against schroeder for sanctions pending in the court,,so he must be doing something right

What about monies that were not returned from that Legal Defense Account? meaning that some donations were not returned to the donor. Am I correct in thinking that all the monies have to be returned or only the monies that went over the maxed out limit? can someone answer this question?

Give Janet an aspirin


Where did you get that photo of Janet Nguyen? She looks out of of it! Just painful.

Fess up

Seems like Janet Nguyen rather goes down in flames fighting the Dark Lord than plead for his mercy. Janet keeps giving Mike Schroeder the lance to skewer her. That's what you get for lying and falsifying your own paperwork.


Defend this one Art.

Art's probably busy trying to figure out how to triangulate away from the increasingly radioactive Janet. I can see his feverish little brain trying to work how to do it while keeping up the charade of fearless independence that fools absolutely no one -- at least no one with half a brain, which is more than Art is packing.

But he might weigh in here for appearances sake, dismissing it as "just paperwork" followed by changing the subject to one his hobgoblins.


Wow, this girl just cannot seem to help herself huh? It is a mystery as to why you Republicans are still supporting her other than the fact that she's an incumbent.

One Who Knows


How about posting a copy of Schroeder's complaint so we can read it for ourselves.


Can anyone answer the following question. The donations that were made to the Illegal Legal defense fund; are the refunds that were ade due to the fact that they were in excess of the maximum amount allowed for the election of the BOS race or does every penny have to be returned to the donors of the Legal Defense Fund?


Technically the money paid to the illegal legal defense fund should all be refunded....however payments may be made on behalf of a candidate by 3rd parties as long as those amounts are reported by the candidate as "in-kind" contributions to their campaigns AND the amounts paid on behalf of are counted towards the contribution limits.

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