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October 24, 2007


Been Around

It looks like Janet has the big money guys sewed up. Trung would be a fool to burn more of his own money on a campaign against an incumbent Republican Supervisor.

Fire Victim

Yes, I would love to write Janet a check, after I buy basic clothing for my children who are now homeless because of the fire.

If Janet can give me sometime, I might not be able to send over the $100 check to her campaign by November 15, but maybe after Christmas, in which we will be celebrate it at some shelter set up for people who no longer have a home.


Janet might have an impressive list of co host, but the one that matter the most - Van Tran - is missing. Let these guys give Janet money because she is good to need it. Trung Nguyen is going to burn about $200 k worth of it.

Again, how stupid can Janet be, sending out fundraiser invitations when OC is burning? She should be working on coordinating county resources to put out the fire.

One Who Knows

Hey Fire Victim:

The implication that we should all stop living our daily lives because your house burned down is stunningly obscene.

Why did you buy or build a house in a fire zone in the first place? And why should we mourn for more than 10 minutes the fact you are homeless?

Now for the firefighters who worked day and night trying to protect people like you who insisted on living in the wild, I have nothing but respect, and when it comes time to pay their overtime check, or give them a parade, you may count me as a supporter.

But people who live next to combustible material receive no elongated sympathy from me.

Obit Prediction

"One who Knows" will not be looked upon as another Mother Teresa...

This anouncement is in pretty bad taste if you ask me. To go about touting a re-election campaign fundraiser at a time when the county is in a state of emergency really shows where janets priorities are. And they are not with the citizens of Orange County thats for sure. How childish.

Green Machine

I'd have to agree. The timing of this release was really poor.

Quite often when I'm at the scene of a disaster I observe the local politicians posing for the cameras and meeting with the people who really know how to solve the problems and get the emergency aid to those who need it. Nonetheless, they demonstrate the fact that this is their priority and even if they are nothing more than a symbol of unity within our community they care.

Yes life goes on, but politics are sometimes as much about perception as they are about reality. The perception here is that Janet is thinking of herself at a moment when she should be thinking about others.


Janet is always and will only think of herself before anyone else. This is not perception, it is the harsh reality.

janet saves a puppy,,,janet blamed for taking animal out of its natural habitat

So is Van Tran selfish too.

LOL... so everyone who had a fundraiser this week is bad.. So does this mean Van Tran is selfish as well. Oh no he gets a free pass.


I like the implication that someone would find something wrong with anything good Janet does.

But, tell me, please, what good has Janet done this week that is being off set by the criticism over the timing of the fundraising invitation.

LOL just another stupid smear campaign.

LOL... Her Fundraiser doing her job. So by the same people that always hit Janet. Why don't you hit the following people as well.

Van Tran Fundraiser yesterday
Diane Harkey Fundraiser tonight
Harry Sidhu Funraiser tomorrow
Mike Duvall's invite got mailed yesterday
etc etc etc.....

Same crap different day!

Oh forgot to mention.....

Larry Dick fundraiser on Thursday
Dick Ackerman fundraiser on Thursday

LOL... Same stupid crap by the same people...


BIG difference....none of those listed put out a press release TODAY, while the state is burning! Those event were already scheduled....the timing of the press release is the issue at hand - not the event.

Still the Same Crap

There was no press release Flowerezz just an email... The fires started last week and all of this stuff from the other candidates was emailed and mailed since Monday.... Thats right Supervisor Nguyen held to a different standard as always.


I got all of those invites well before the fires broke out, helk most of them 2-3 weeks ago and mysteriously have not received any e-mailed invites since the fires. It is all about timing. Yes life does go on, and all previously scheduled events should continue. Just thought it was bad timing to send out and invite via e-mail when all are so preoccupied with just trying to breathe the air. It probably coulda waited a day or 2...don't you think?

van tran kills a cat while saving a puppy,,,van tran goes on ellen and is declared a hero

Calling on Carlos

It doesn't matter that JN has all that so-called support from the GOP establishment. Just ask Carlos Bustamante. How much did the LC and NM dump on him? She lost to Trung in the Vietnamese community and she will lose again. Numbers don't fib.

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