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October 25, 2007



Why are you including three years when you haven't done this before? Is it because Sen. Harman had a higer score then you in 2007? Did following your previous pattern not fit into your storyline. It seems like there isn't that much of a differnce between Senator Harman's records and yours after all.


It seems like everyone can read though Chuck's intentions. The I am the real conservative story is not going to work forever.

Chuck DeVore

Actually, on March 1, 2007 I posted two year ratings (2005 & 2006) and averaged for three groups here:

March 02, 2007 I posted ratings for two years (2005 & 2006) and their averages here: http://www.ocblog.net/ocblog/2007/03/3_more_ratings_.html.

I posted lifetime labor ratings and 2006 ratings here on May 2, 2007: http://www.ocblog.net/ocblog/2007/05/oc_delegation_l.html.

Howard Jarvis posted their 2006 and 2007 ratings recently. Given that 2007 only includes the freshmen lawmakers and going back to 2005 shows the consistency of a lawmaker, I chose to include all three years of data. Excluding 2005 from the data would not have meaningfully changed the order of the OC delegation.

Besides, every lawmaker in the delegation is free to tout their own ratings, if they chose. I think more data is better.

So, you see, I am completely “following (my) previous pattern” NeoCon – to a tee.

As for your concern about any particular member or former member and their scores, the ratings are what they are. I can’t vote for them (I’m not Sen. Migden) and they can’t vote for me. Everyone is responsible for their own ranking. As you may have noticed by now, I publish all the rankings I can get my hands on and give out praise to whomever praise is due, having singled out Assemblyman Wyland, Senator Ackerman, Assemblywoman Walters, Assemblywoman Daucher, and Assemblyman Huff for their perfect scores both today and in several posts in the past.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Chuck DeVore

And yet "Blogger" or should I say "NeoCon" as you post two minutes apart and have the same IP address, the rankings are what they are. If I claim to be a conservative and the rankings of liberal groups consistently have me at the bottom of the OC delegation while conservative groups consistently have me at the top, wouldn't that appear to suggest that I'm a "real conservative"? A title, by the way, I am more than happy to share with those who claim the same rankings.

Are we not supposed to be judged by our votes? Or, do you have another, more esoteric suggestion?

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District


I just looked at some of the other times you have posted multiple years and it seems NeoCon is onto something. You seem to post multiple years when Sen. Harman has good recent scores and it shows he may be more conservative then you.

Chuck DeVore

Care to be specific?

Completely opposite of your contention, I posted two year averages for the CRA in February of this year that had the effect of greatly lifting of certain lawmakers that appear to interest you. The following was about the California Republican Assembly (CRA) rankings:

Bob Huff, 100 in 2006, 100 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 100
Chuck DeVore 100 in 2006, 94 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 97
Mimi Walters 100 in 2006, 94 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 97
Van Tran 76 in 2006, 89 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 84
Todd Spitzer 53 in 2006, 89 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 71
Lynn Daucher 41 in 2006, 72 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 56.5
Tom Umberg 0 in 2006, 17 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 8.5
Rudy Bermudez 0 in 2006, 0 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 0

Bob Margett 71 in 2006, 94 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 82.5
Dick Ackerman 71 in 2006, 89 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 80
Bill Morrow 71 in 2006, 83 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 77
Tom Harman 47 in 2006, 89 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 68
Joe Dunn 0 in 2006, 6 in 2005, Average for 2005-06 session: 3

Then again, a completely contrary experience to your assertion with this post from late 2005:

California Republican Assembly (CRA) Ratings (the CRA ranking is the blue-chip of conservative rankings. It measures how true a lawmaker) votes were to traditional conservative ideals.

State Assembly
R- Bob Huff: 100%
R- Chuck DeVore: 94%
R- Mimi Walters: 94%
R- Tom Harman: 89%
R- Todd Spitzer: 89%
R- Van Tran: 89%
R- Lynn Daucher: 72%
D- Tom Umberg: 17%
D- Rudy Bermudez: 0%

State Senate
R- John Campbell: 100%
R- Bob Margett: 94%
R- Dick Ackerman: 89%
R- Bill Morrow: 83%
D- Joe Dunn: 6%

Equality California (EQCA) is a different sort of ranking altogether...

State Assembly
R- Chuck DeVore: 7%
R- Tom Harman: 7%
R- Bob Huff: 7%
R- Todd Spitzer: 7%
R- Van Tran: 7%
R- Mimi Walters: 7%
R- Lynn Daucher: 13%
D- Tom Umberg: 93%
D- Rudy Bermudez: 100%

State Senate
R- John Campbell: 0%
R- Bill Morrow: 0%
R- Dick Ackerman: 7%
R- Bob Margett: 21%
D- Joe Dunn: 100%

The California Taxpayers' Association (CalTax) was Founded in 1926, with a mission to protect taxpayers from unnecessary taxes...

State Assembly
R- Lynn Daucher: 100%
R- Chuck DeVore: 100%
R- Tom Harman: 100%
R- Bob Huff: 100%
R- Todd Spitzer: 100%
R- Van Tran: 100%
D- Tom Umberg: 100%
R- Mimi Walters: 100%
D- Rudy Bermudez: 36%

State Senate
R- Dick Ackerman: 100%
R- John Campbell: 100%
R- Bob Margett: 100%
R- Bill Morrow: 100%
D- Joe Dunn: 30%

I posted this on Oct. 11 of this year:

Capitol Resource Family Impact just published their 2007 legislative scorecard. CRFI is a conservative group that focuses on social issues and family rights.

The Orange County delegation scored the following:

Senator Dick Ackerman – 100%
Assemblyman Chuck DeVore – 92%
Assemblyman Mike DuVall – 92%
Assemblyman Jim Silva – 92%
Assemblywoman Mimi Walters – 92%
Senator Tom Harman – 90%
Senator Mark Wyland – 90%
Assemblyman Todd Spitzer – 85%
Assemblyman Van Tran – 85%*
Assemblyman Bob Huff – 69%
Senator Lou Correa – 30%
Assemblyman Tony Mendoza – 8%
Assemblyman Jose Solorio – 8%

As you can see, I let the chips fall where they may. In some cases, there is no averaging because the group only did a rating for one year.

I'd say you folks are looking awfully sensitive for my publishing of rankings. Again, I can't vote for other members -- the rankings are what they are.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District


So are you saying that Sen. Harman is as conservative as you?

Chuck DeVore

OCGOP, you'll never find in any of my political statements since being elected any comparision of me with another Republican. I simply post interest group ratings on the OCBlog and let people draw their own conclusions. You will see that I have praised other Republicans for having strong scores and have consistently done so.

You may draw your own conclusions from the large number of ratings postings I have made in the last two years.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District


That's rich, GOP, real rich. Harmon scores a full 10 points below Devore on a conservative tax organization's scorecard over the past three years and you want Devore to say there's not a dime's bit of difference between them? I note that the conservative C.R.A. gave Devore a 100 in '06 while Harmon only got a 47. Even a Democrat could see that Harmon is more of a friend than is Devore, who seems a bit extreme if you ask me.

Inquiring Minds

Assemblyman DeVore,

So, are you going to run for the 35th Senate District to replace Sen. Harman?

Are you going to make an official statement regarding your run? If so, when can we expect it?

And if you are running, will you be saying why you are challenging an incumbent Republican?


Why don't you answer the questions? Do you plan to challenge an incumbent Republican who has been fairly conservative?


This is all quite amusing, I know for a fact (being that I've received fundraising letters from Harman, and "my union") that over the past year local unions have been plotting with Sen. Harman to trump up a serious competitor in an effort to boost his fundraising. Once Diane Harkey declared for the 73rd AD they thought that DeVore would be the next plausible challenger, and using his potential candidacy as a scare tactic to raise more funds....interesting...

Sacramento Insider

A colleague of mine in the business got a call from Sen. Harman earlier this year asking for money. Harman said he needed to show a big bank account to stave off a challenge from Assemblyman Devore. I asked Devore if he was running and he said, "No." This is the oldest trick in the book to raise money out of a safe district.

Chuck DeVore

Can't a guy get some sleep?

My current intent is to run for reelection in 2008.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Go for it!

Never say “no” Assemblyman DeVore, never say, “no.”

Harman has been voting more conservatively in the last year, but you are the real conservative between the two.

When Harman first won in the 2000 open primary, one-third of his votes came from Democrats, according to the color-coded ballots then in use. The unions also spent about a half-million dollars to elect Harman. No wonder, as he openly asked for their votes, writing:

"As a moderate, independent Republican, I believe it's high time to move away from the extreme ultra-conservative views of some of the leaders of the Republican Party.”

He did the same in the 2006 Special Election against Harkey which he won by less than 300 votes by appealing to Democrats.

Harman supported a diaper tax, an SUV tax, he voted for the global greenhouse gas bill before he voted against it, and he voted several times to weaken Prop. 13.

And, if all this isn’t enough reason for partisan Republicans to dump Harman, there have been disturbing signs of his using his office for personal gain as Harman apparently inflated payments to his campaign consultant so his campaign consultant could funnel up to $100,000 to Harman’s wife to “attend parties” in Orange County last year. (Great work, if you can get it.) This sort of abuse is toxic for both the incumbent and the party he represents.

Don’t forget, Mr. DeVore, I was around when a certain former Republican governor ran against the sitting Republican president and almost won the nomination in 1976. Running against an incumbent Republican is not a sin. Sometimes it’s needed.

Never say “no.”

Brian Thomas

"My current intent is to run for reelection in 2008."

That is not what you told the Dailypilot.

Inquiring Minds


"That doesn’t mean he won’t face a GOP challenger in 2008, when he has to run for reelection. Apparently rumors are flying that DeVore will try for the Senate seat, and DeVore said it’s a possibility. He’s otherwise expected to run for his third and final Assembly term next year."

Chuck DeVore

Brian Thomas, AKA NeoCon, AKA The Guru,
AKA OCGOP -- nice to know I'm dealing with an army of one.

All the best "guys"!

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

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