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October 27, 2007


Army of One

Did the Governor mention anything about how Nukes could have prevented the the fires?

Green Machine


With both a law enforcement background and a military background I've had the opportunity to see real leadership. Most often that comes to the surface during times of crisis. While I didn't actually see Governor Schwarzenegger in person, I did see him in the media and he certainly gave you the sense that he was intimately involved and actively working to bring resources to the fight. I'm sure when we look back, there will be shortcomings but that's to be expected. Overall, the Governor did a fantastic job.

As I observed this thing unfold I also saw that same leadership in both the OCFA and the OCSD. Sheriff Carona and Asst. Sheriff Jack Anderson were at the head of law enforcement efforts and Chip Prather clearly had his people prepared and working at optimal levels.

The residents of Orange County should be proud of their public safety personnel. They are led by highly competent people and they continually make sure their organizations are prepared for major disasters including earthquakes, landslides, fires, floods, nuclear accidents and good old fashioned public unrest.

There are some local politicians and members of the media who continually depict public safety as self serving and overpaid. To them I'd say that quality doesn't come cheap and in order to have some of the best public safety in the nation, you have to maintain competitive pay. I'm hoping that Steven Greenhut of the Register makes this same observation, but I won't hold my breath. He only seems to squawk when things go wrong.

DP Resident

Army of whine,

Do something useful -


Inquiring Minds

Steve Greenhut is a loser.

At least with the fires, he'll shut up for a bit.


Our leaders did a great job. We know that earthquake, fire, and flood is the price we pay to live here, but we embrace, and overcome, the suck every time.

Sam Bernardino

Real leaders would get off their assets and figure out ways to prevent huge fires. I admire the hard work of the CDF and prisoners working on the lines. The political suits are an embarrassment. But hey, I only pay taxes.

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