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October 30, 2007


Dear Diary

Uhhh, This is supposed to be a political blog NOT a diary or journal entry...


Thank you for sharing your thought on this emotional bombshell.


Ouch....LOL. A bit too touchy feely for ya? Diary, I'll try to "Man Up" on the next one.


Nice post, Flowerszzz. Thank you.


Yeah, Flowerszzz, time to start getting those testosterone injections so you can be just as macho as the boys! No emotions here on OC Blog! We readers is he-man Republicans, dammmit!

Better luck next time. Well, I'm out of here. I've got a raw steak to eat for breakfast and then I'm going to go taser the neighbor's kids.

I told you so too...

Uh Hello. Those who work for this clown tried to tell you he is dirty. Wake up. He is a talented Con man and you were all conned!!!


It's very simple, people:

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Lord Acton made this comment 120 years ago, and it still hasn't sunk in to our collective political consciousness.


"Dear Diary,"

Chill, dude. The Carona denouement is a big story; it's got many angles. If you don't like this take, there are nine other blog posts to work with right here on ocblog.

Personally, I like Flowerszzz introspective spin; an awful lot of people in the OC Blog community are (or should be) facing similar self-doubts: Carona was endorsed three times, after all. (maybe the endorsement committee should invite R. Scott Moxley to join?)

Moreover, the last thing we want on this blog is homogenized postings. You can get that at the LA Times.


I feel the same way. I walked a ton of precincts for Mike in the first election and was so happy to get rid of that fascist Gates and to simultaneously defeat the thuggish union guys working for Walters. I was as happy on election night as I can remember being on an election night (I've worked for a lot of losers--it was nice to win one!).

I've grown increasingly discouraged as those close to him looked worse and worse, but tried to chalk it up to misplaced loyalty on his part. But now???

Very disappointing,


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