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October 15, 2007



who cares?


You did, apparently enough to leave a comment.


Pointless anti-Viet Nam speechifying meant for local consumption is rather dreary.

I guess "vibrant" is a diplomatic description of the Nguyen vs. Nguyen melt-down.

curious george

Does anyone know where Van, Janet, and Trung were during this?

Van was there as was Trung. Janet was not there. What is missing from this post is the fact that the event was hosted by Loretta Sanchez.


Loretta hosted? That's not surprising after her orchestrated Viet Nam encounter last winter - right after Nguyens went 1/2 in the 1st District Supervisor's race.

aria ghafari


It might be important to point out that the "orchestrated" event you are referring to happened months before the supervisors race.


Did someone forget to let Tomahawk know that Mr. Royce is now part of the MINORITY on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Ed's opinions won't matter much for the foreseeable future.
This is what happens when you're not a bridge-builder while in the majority.


Wrong, aria:

Thursday, April 5, 2007

O.C. lawmaker: Hanoi 'goons' accosted group
Rep. Loretta Sanchez says she saw women who were trying to meet with her stopped by Vietnamese soldiers.

The Orange County Register

Rep. Loretta Sanchez said Thursday that she witnessed firsthand what happens to dissidents in Vietnam when a group of women who were trying to meet with her at the American ambassador's residence in Hanoi were roughed up by Vietnamese soldiers.

"We still don't know where some of them are, if they got home,'' Sanchez, D-Garden Grove, said in an interview from her hotel room. "There were about 15 goons roughing them up."

Sanchez said Ambassador Michael Marine, who had invited the women to tea at his home, tried to intercede but finally advised the women to go home because he feared for their safety.

Sanchez, who has been outspoken about human rights in Vietnam, said she believes this will be the last time the Vietnamese government will let her into the country.


Note the date of the article. The 1st District Supervisorial election was in early February. Post hoc ergo propter hoc? I wonder.

aria ghafari


I'm sorry. With I thought you were referring to the event about a year and a half ago when her visa was designed. Which ironically makes my points. Loretta has taken issue with the Vietnamese so many times, I wasn't sure which one you were referring to. This isn't a new thing she just recently picked up because of an election next to her district.

And really? You think that last event yo were really referring to was "orchestrated".


Yeah, maybe it wasn't orchestrated. Only exploited.

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