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October 31, 2007



Rather than have Rumsfeld hosted by Claremont, I'd rather see him a guest at The Hague.

(And please get over this one-dimensional "liberal/conservative" divide. There are plenty of us on the non-authoritarian right who detest this man.)

you mean this Don Rumsfeld?


Yeah that guy


Why would anyone in Orange County go anywhere near this guy in light of recent scandals events and general pall befalling the GOP and neo-cons these days is beyond me? ust goes to show, there is no loight atthe end of the tunnel to this Republican morass we are experiencing.


Well, it's an embarrassment alright. But as Rummy would say: you go to the Churchill Dinner with the honoree you've got.

Pete Fundy

Pete Fundy sincerely believes that Donald Rumsfeld quit when his country needed him most. I am, therefore, compelled to share this link:


Now, Pete Fundy will glady change his tune if Claremont wants to comp me a ticket. I wouldn't mind meeting Pat Sajak, but I'm sure as hell not going to pay $500 for the privilege.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

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