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October 30, 2007


Karen A Finn

Well, all I can say is..... Time for the Sheriff's Department to have the man they picked in the first place. Lt. Bill Hunt. It is time to appoint this man into office and get on with the County Business. That is all I have ever spoken about. This Department needs a Sheriff like Lt. Bill Hunt with the integrity, and the skill to manage it the right way. This is not the first time this has come up about Sheriff Carona.
Time for Sheriff Carona to step down.

Karen A Finn
Police Officers Wife

Pete Fundy

Pete Fundy supports Sheriff Carona 100 percent. Which, obviously, is more than I can say about the AOCDS.

We Carona supporters wear our plastic badges with pride. Hold your head high, OC. If our man goes down in flames, we can always claim ignorance of the law.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

Dr. Reza Karkia

I have seen sheriff Carona do so much good for both county and the state. I support the good sheriff, and I think he should continue with his job. His leadership in many areas has been exemplary.
Reza Karkia;
Member, California Criminal Justice Council

Free Sheriff Carona

Let's not rush to judge. Give Carona's attorneys time to address these false charges. After all O.J. had a lot of evidence against him and he was found not guilty.


Bill Hunt is too close to Carona and let's not forget he was part of Carona's regime, until he decided to run against him. Martin has the experience and knowledge to run the department. He has over 30 years with the biggest Sheriff's Department in the world. He is an outsider who is more versed with law enforcement. Much more then Carona and Hunt. Martin knows how to deal with a position of power. He is a Commander with LASD. He lives in OC and understands what the community needs.

Personally, I have heard hunt speak and his thoughts are not well spoken He speaks very suprefically and does very little research to substaniate his points. I heard Hunt once say, Los Angeles has no idea how to run a department, the cities are out of control. When someone brought up the difference between the socio economic status of cities like San Clemente and Compton. Hunt's response was, " Hmm never thought of it like that."You can't put a guy like that in such a political postion. He needs alot more experience.


Nick, Give it a rest. Martin is nothing but an opportunist. He did NOTHING to speak up against Carona during the years he has lived in OC but chose to be a cop in LA. Your (and his) contstant claims of being an outsider are truer than you think. Martin doesn't even know where the light switches are in OCSD. He knows none of the personnel or how to deploy them effectively. He is, in effect, a "kindergarten cop" when it comes to OC - he knows NOTHING.

Secondly, your "We need an outsider" theme clearly implies that you and Martin believe there are no capable, ethical leaders within OCSD to run their own Department. That is OFFFENSIVE and and UNFORGIVEABLE. Is that the best Martin has to offer as to why we should vote for him?

Additionally, he didn't put his career on the line to end the corruption. Instead, he made a very calculated, safe move and ran from a distance. Rather cowardly, I'd say. In contrast, Bill Hunt risked everything for the sake of his Department and his fellow Deputies.

As for your invented conversations with Bill Hunt, they're just that. Maybe I should "disclose" some private conversations Martin had with me as well...


Well Bob!!! to assume my conversation was invented is ignorant and again shows why you are probably as ridiculous. It is very true, there is nobody within OCSD capable of running the department. Look at the last two, and really how can you invite someone from within the Corrupt organazation.

My conversation with Hunt was inside a classroom where he spoke about the ridiculous policy he had on community policing. I mean that was awful. He needs much more expeirence to run a big department.
As far as Martin running scared, he wasn't working with OCSD and he didn't have the privilige of knowing all the stuff Hunt did.
As far as you having conversations with Martin, well then you must of worked for him and had a bad career.

You have to bring in an outsider, the upper management has to be removed.


To address your first paragrpah about not knowing where the light switches are in the department. Come on, and Carona did. He was a Marshal (lower then a CHP officer) before he became a sheriff.

Martin doesn't need a tour of the facilities to know where to deploy personnel. It's rather simple.

First conduct research and ascertain the areas hard hit with certain crimes. Patrolling tough cities like lake forest, mission viejo, aliso viejo, laguna nigule and san clemente. Hmm it must hard trying to allocate resources for all those 211's, 187, 245's and so forth. Come on, those cities police themselves.

What he needs to do, is get rid of the Deputy 2 thing, and make it mandatory to do patrol. That way, you get rid of the deputies who are like Carona, inept and incompetent.

The budget, which does everything itself, should be allocated for resources like community policing. Then you need to bid on more citites and try to increase the size of the department. You notice OCSD follows LASD. LASD took over transit policing and now OCSD does it here. LASD merged first with the Marshals,then OCSD did. We just took over the community colleges, what do you think is next for OCSD. Doesn't take a genius to realize, all OCSD leaders do, is follow what martin and LASD do.

So yes, Bob, Martin is the guy for the job here. He knows law enforcement more then anybody working within OCSD.


Sounds to me like Nick wants a job at HQ under Martin.


Nah, Bob not really..My career is coming to an end and with two master degrees in CJ and an MBA, I am going to into the corproate security sector..More money!!!!! I'm just looking at the situation reasonably.

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