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October 09, 2007


The Real Sporer

The fear of nuclear power is, of course, as irrational as the liberal fears of well, almost everything else.

Meddlesome Nobody

On this matter, the liberals are all wet.

First, to toe the environmentalists' line, we can't build any new nuclear power plants.

Secondly, in the name of global warming, the state passes laws prohibiting the purchase of electricity produced using coal.

OK, we're left with natural gas-driven power stations, solar, and wind power.

Lastly, they block the construction of LNG terminals that we need to import the natural gas used to produce electricity and heat our homes. That move virtually guarantees a future shortage of natural gas and high winter heating bills.

Essentially, the left has engaged in social engineering to stall residential and industrial development by constraining the amount of electricity we can produce and reducing supply.

When will we wake up?

We live near the largest nuclear plant in the US...the Palo Verde Plant in Arizona. I have never even given the slightest thought as to whether or not it was safe or not. I do know that it provides power to not only Arizona but to California as well. Here in Arizona, we do not know what "blackouts" are because we are blessed with not only nuclear power, but many coal fired plants that are also CLEAN burning plants. We are also in the process of building MORE plants in order to sell power to California...so, thanks California for helping our economy.

Signed, Happy in Arizona with abundent power

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