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October 31, 2007



The LiberalOC said that Mike Carona's bail was $20,000 and that Hoffman's was $10,000 and that all three were in handcuffs for the arraignment.

oc resident

My sheriff in handcuffs and treasurer under lawsuit/investigation.

Thank you conservative OC!

Suddenly I am proud to say "yes, I live where the real housewifes are from ..."

Jubal to clarify some points and expand on others:

The bail amounts for Sherriff Mike Carona and Debbie Hoffman were set at $20,000 and $10,000 respectively. I did not see any of the defendants in handcuffs. None of the defendants raised their hands above their waists to be seen from my perspective in the public seating area. I am told that the defendants were apparently shackled which may have included waist chains securing their hands to the waist level to handcuffs.

Although the bail amounts were not voiced in the arraignment, the amounts are apparently a matter of public record or available to press only. I heard the bail amounts for the other two defendants on KFI as I was driving away from the courthouse.

Deborah Hoffman did use a Public Defender to represent her in the arraignment. When asked about her affidavit of economic interests by the judge, her defense counsel cited Hoffman’s many expenses which lowers her disposable income. The judge voiced frustration in that assertion and stated that her criminal defense should be a priority in her life at this moment. I took that to mean the judge may be looking into her extravagant lifestyle to see what can be trimmed so she can afford her own lawyer. I agree.

Mrs. Hoffman’s bails as well as both Carona’s are set to be paid no later than Monday. Mike Carona’s bail is pending an affidavit of assurance by a family member in Northern California. While Hoffman’s is pending an affidavit of assurance by her husband. (I was not aware she was married, how does her husband feel about Hoffman being the Mistress of the Sherriff?) I do not recall the circumstances of Mrs. Carona’s bail and how it is to be raised or paid.

Paul Lucas

Offer a prize...

...to the first person to post a photo of Carona in handcuff. That should be worth a Red/County cup.


As he did with Shirley Grindle, Adam P could offer a cash prize to the winners.


My Sheriff in handcuffs, my Treasurer under investigation ...

At least we still have the real housewives to be proud of!

Thank you Republican OC! I never realized the "red" in Red County meant embarassment!


So Mike's was $20K, and he needs a family member to vouch for it? How much have we been paying him???
Shoot, *I* have $20K, and I'm an unemployed freelance writer. (Okay, so I'd have to cash in my 401k.)

Can't Don Haidl help him out?

Carona must go

"Can't Don Haidl help him out?"

It was Don Haidl who helped him in.

Bailiff, whack his Little Sheriff!

Don't they just have to come up with 10% of the bail amount? Heck they could just pawn a couple of St. John Knit suits and come up with that right?


Thanks Paul, for this report.

It was my pleasure Tomahawk. I was actually surprised at how few people showed up for this event. As far as I could tell, everyone who showed was allowed into the courtroom which was unusually small in my opinion for cases such as this.
I left immediately after the judge recessed after the arraignments and apparently missed the defendants standing up to reveal the handcuffs.
Although I have no sympathy for those who are finally caught after living a life of corruption with such impunity for so long, I felt sorry for Deborah Carona. Having to sit within three feet of her husband’s mistress, in handcuffs, in public, without so much as a concerned glance from Mike Carona to check on her. Add to that facing such unimaginable time in prison obviously was weighing on her.
She looked exhausted, traumatized, depressed, and humiliated. I have never seen such a pathetic figure in all my life. In all sincerity I would suggest that someone put a suicide watch on her.

Paul Lucas


To those that supported (and perhaps stupidly continue to support) the egotist Mike Carona. Some folks have known this guy was a problem years ago. Yet, as is the case inevitably with some public figures (like our little sheriff), there are always a few blind supporters that will support this guy no matter what he has done that is unethical (or illegal). This is sad. But, again inevitably, I'm betting that there is someone (or two) out there that still supports Carona and will respond unfavorably (in some manner) to this little posting of mine. Finding fault with my insults or calling me a fool in return. Fine. I'd like to be proven wrong. But ya know, I doubt that will happen - I predict that the little sheriff will be found guilty of some of these charges - or MORE likely, he'll reach a plea bargain and plead guilty to some in return for a lesser sentence, then resign. In fact, a whisky and beer to anyone that proves me wrong.
I could name a few well-known OC characters that will either, in the next several weeks, come out in blind support of our so-called "sheriff" or that were once ardent supporters that will NOW start to distance themselves (with publicly neutral comments) from this law-enforcement (?) fool. Sorry to digress into pessimistic diatribe, but the everpresent standyby phrase "I coulda told you so" keeps coming to my mind. Then again, who am I - just another little guy posting a little comment on another blog. What do I know?


Far be it from me to defend the Sheriff, but aside from the pejury and witness tampering allegations (where proof of criminal intent may be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt), the federal indictment, as I read it, is essentially a Political Reform Act/FPPC case, alleging that the Sheriff didn't properly disclose reportable economic interests on his Statement of Economic Interests. Now, I do think the Sheriff doesn't sufficiently respect the public office that he holds, and that the people of Orange County can probably do better, and sure, I'd vote for that Hunt guy out of San Clemente, but I for one am a little nervous about the United States Attorney "federalizing" what are essentially STATE LAW civil/administrative FPPC matters into "mail fraud" violations of federal law, simply because Carona used the US Postal Service, rather than FedEx Kinkos, to send his Statement of Economic Interests up to Sacramento. In many ways, this really is a ticky-tack FPPC case that, unfortunately, could have some heavy-duty consequences for behavior that (1) didn't injure anyone, and (2) didn't result in the misuse of public funds. I'm no liberal squish, by any means, but I do get uncomfortable when the heavy hand of the United States federal government arbitrarily starts prosecuting (and criminalizing) what is essentially routine political activity (i.e dancing with the folks who brought you to the dance). Again, there is no allegation that Carona hurt or defrauded anyone, and there is no allegation that he misused public money. It sure sucks for Carona, but there's no real allegation of quid pro quo corruption as in the Duke Cunningham case.



Et tu Dale Dykama?

I am sickened and saddened to see how many of my brothers and sisters in the Republican Party have turned on one of our own, Sheriff Corona. Rather than stand by a friend in need, you are ready to kick him in the groin before we know his side of the story. So many of you were so happy to enjoy the fruits of getting him elected. You begged for his endorsements when you ran for elected office, and you asked him to attend your community events. You praised him when it served your needs and now, when Mike needs you, you choose to remain silent. Of all people it’s Benny Diaz and Mike Shroader, strange bedfellows, who are willing to stand by their friend. Thank you Mike and Benny.

I ask you all in the name of common decency to allow Mike and his family and Ms. Hoffman to work this out in a private way. For the sake of their families I beg you to wait for the trial to make your judgement. Your friend Mike needs you now. It’s time to be a friend.

Tengo una pregunta

Don't they just have 5 or 6 Federal Judges in the Reagen Courthouse(Carter, Carney, etc) ? Wouldn't Corona know all of them well? Will they move this to another part of CA?

Brett Nemeth

It's time for Carona to resign. This is an embarassment.

Art Pedroza

Et tu Dale Dykema,

Why would anyone want to be Carona's friend? Do you live in a cave? Have you somehow not read ANY of the articles slamming this guy over the last few years? Are you kidding?

Carona has been a disaster for a LONG TIME. The federal indictment is just the cherry on top.

Here's what I want to know...when are the Republicans (and some Democrats) who endorsed Carona last year going to apologize to the people of Orange County? When is Matt/Jubal, in particular, going to do so?

Many of those who supported Carona also worked overtime to defeat Measure D...which resulted in O.C. homes burning. They need to apologize for that too.


Roasted, don't forget they sent Capone to the Rock for Federal income tax evasion.


Didn't Carona hang with Capone?


Sources at The White House are abuzz around the White House water cooler regarding the possibility of a quick presidential pardon for Orange County Sherriff Mike Corona. It sounds like The President is more than a just little pissed that his justice department went after "America's Sherriff" for little more than state FPPC violations. I’m told that the president is interested in seeing a formal request from the sheriff’s defense team for the pardon prior to trial.

This is going to be interesting.

Gerry Ford

Why would he need a pardon if is going to be vindicated?

Allan Bartlett

Instead of worrying about a corrupt local Sheriff, Bush should be pardoning Agents Ramos & Compean.


"Instead of worrying about a corrupt local Sheriff, Bush should be pardoning Agents Ramos & Compean."

Great Post!

"Sources at The White House are abuzz around the White House water cooler..."

Are you for real? With that kinda insite, why are you stilling around reading a local blog?


Sources at the White House say that the White House doesn't have a water cooler... PLEEZE. George Bush isnt bothering with our local happenings. He wouldnt tamper with the FBI investigation and get involved. George Bush, if he has heard about this at all, isn't more than a little pissed. He hasn't even given it more than a passing thought. You are FUNNY!

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