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October 31, 2007



Why is it that only one Presidential candidate is addressing this issue, while the rest of them (and their supporters) stick their fingers in the ears and shout "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA"?

Chip Hanlon

Ron Paul really does understand certain economic principles better than anyone else in Congress.

That said, Mr. Whipple, be careful which websites you link to/cite as credible support for your candidate.

For example, Lew Rockwell's site, which you link to, is perhaps the biggest promoter of a guy named Gary North. If you spend any time on that site you've probably seen him. Problem is, while he might seem like a prescient dollar bear now, this is merely the latest reason he has found to support his belief in the looming end of the world, something he has envisioned for years. And I'm not overstating things: END OF THE WORLD, that's his gig. Previously, he has been:

- the world's leading y2k bug doom and gloomer (nice call)
- the world's leading AIDS doom and gloomer.

In fact, his 1987 classic, "The Plague Has Come At Last" is a real eye opener, and not in a good way. Google-search it... aside from Mein Kampf, you'll find perhaps the most despicable collection of words ever combined in one essay. I mean, who would ever leap to the absurd end-of-mankind conclusions he reaches in that article, then title his essay with the celebratory words, "at last?" SICK.

How does this all relate to Ron Paul? Well, North is a bit of an outlier in that he despises mankind itself, not by much in that crowd. It's difficult for most people to get behind Libertarians because many in that camp hate America and literally root for its demise. They detest government in general, but they blindly hate their own the most.

There are, of course, many good people in the Libertarian party. Unfortunately, there are many, many crackpots in that group... I know because I run into them in my industry all the time. I doubt referring to a place like LewRockwell.com really helps Ron Paul... it's a 'people you associate with' sort of thing.

I post this in reply to you, Whipple, but also so that any other readers will be clear: that ain't my crowd, baby.


Chip writes:

It's difficult for most people to get behind Libertarians because many in that camp hate America and literally root for its demise.
This is pure baloney. Libertarians (little "l") love America because of the values enshrined in its Constitution -- the very values the Bush administration has been raping for the last seven years.

My link to the Lew Rockwell site was to bring attention to the article written by Ron Paul that was copied there. It was not an endorsement of the entire site and anyone who has ever posted there.

Talk about obfuscation -- "let's ignore Ron Paul's message and go for guilt by association."

Chip Hanlon

Actually, yours was the obfuscation: to act as though my commentary was in some way a defense of this administration or was related to it in any way.

In fact, I believe I was quite clear and it's too bad you were too obtuse to get it. "Guilt" by association? No. Lack of credibility by it? You bet.

Again, libertarian economic principles are reasonable, but many of their other beliefs are not, notably:

- they're extreme isolationists. Not just rationally, reasonably slow to go to war, but permanent isolationists present and past. Many of them will STILL ARGUE TO THIS DAY that we had no business getting involved in WWII. Most people would probably think history since has shown otherwise.

- That site you referenced carries work by a man named Clyde Wilson. He argues that Abraham Lincoln is a war criminal--one of history's worst. Alrighty then.

- On my assertion many Libertarians root for America's demise: this is fact, and it can be seen in the writings of any one of countless gold bug extremists... not those who advocate owning it in the right investment climate (as you can probably guess even I do at the moment, based on my post), but those who cheer every downtick in the U.S. dollar as evidence of America's demise. Many of them are found on your little website.

- Those who simply consider Americans to be stupid. Am I unfairly overstating things? Well, witness a quote from LewRockwell.com columnist, Paul Craig Roberts, in a recent investment newsletter reportedly received by more than 30,000 people: "How did a people as stupid as Americans get so full of hubris?" Very nice. Once a noted economist (again, a field in which Libertarians excel), he has joined the ranks of Bill Bonner, Addison Wiggin and other LewRockwell.com contributors who make their living in the investment world sneering at Americans as fools.

You, Whipple, might argue that there are some notable columnists on that site, as well. I'd argue they make up the minority, and that they're crazy to allow their names to be listed among the many crackpots found there.

Those few credible voices would be wise to do what you did in your last post: distance themselves from a site like LewRockwell.com. Why'd you do that, I wonder?

And since your boy, Ron Paul, is featured prominently on the homepage of that site: yes, he's suspect by association with such a collection of cranks.

By the way, you said your intent was to "bring attention to the article written by Ron Paul," not to endorse that whacky LewRockwell website in any way. Super, let me help you out: that same article is available here at Paul's own Congressional website: http://www.house.gov/paul/tst/tst2006/tst120406.htm

Strange you didn't know that as such a spokesman for the Paul campaign, Whipple.

Andy Dufresne

"Obtuse"?!?! I used that word once and got 1 month in solitary.


LOL @ Andy Dufresne.
Love Shawshank!

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