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October 22, 2007


One Who Knows

What's up Hawk? This interchange is like 60 miles from Garden Grove!

Have you moved to to Valley? Or are you just shilling for Arnold?

OC Guy

This interchange may not be in Orange County, but a bottleneck in the LA 405 will have an effect on commuters here.

Hawk is pimping Arnold in this post though.


Traveling from Orange County to Sherman Oaks would be a pretty nasty daily commute ...

But for the people who do use that interchange on a daily basis, hopefully the 405/101 project is actually completed, versus the faux-completeness of the 22 -- almost a year after the 22 had its own celebratory press conference with Arnold, I'm still finding myself regularly detoured due to ongoing ramp and bridge work.


I think the actual date of completion on SR-22 project is late 2008. OCTA tricked us last year to get their Meausure M passed.

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