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October 25, 2007


But she is a Democrat, it must be to curry favor with the unions...

I figured I might as well get in the nasty comments that all the Reeps will make against her.

I am proud that Lori is thinking of the citizens first...

Thi sets a good precedent for janet Nguyen to follow. Lets see if janet has the courage to think of others in this time of need.


i'm no fan of galloway, but this is a nice gesture

re: jr

rofl, yeah right.

if she does it, it won't be non-altruistic.

Adam D. Probolsky

I will encourage the winner of the Shirley Grindle lobbyist reward of $1000 to the victims of the fires.

I think you have officially jumped the shark on this Shirley Grindle thing buddy. Try prosac my friend. It helps with paranoia as well as depression.


I am skeptical of the PR value of the gesture especially since she'll need all the dough she can get with Mickey gunning for her.


I saw Janet and her husband Tom there at this fundraiser. One has to wonder why Janet is going to a Democrat fundraiser.

colony rabble

Interesting that Lorri did not announce this until AFTER she was criticized for keeping the fund-raiser in the light of our local tragedies. Red Peregrine is right, she needs every penny she can get her hands on, but not because Disney is gunning for her, the PEOPLE of ANAHEIM are gunning for her. Everyone I know wants her gone in a deep and meaninful way, if a recall would have come up any sooner than her re-election folks would have pulled papers on her already. I am glad the Red Cross is getting some funding from her, but it won't help her sorry reputation around here.

janet has been courting or at least trying to court Democratic support for her up coming race for BOS to hold her seat. She has been trying to gain support from The Democratic Foundation and Wiley Aitken, from the Unions, several Democratic Activists as well as Democratic Electeds in Central OC.

Im not in the least suprised to see her at Lorri Galoways fundraiser. She will probably send out a press release saying how she gave money to the relief effort for fire victims by going to Lorris fundraiser.

Galloway giving away other peoples money again? Question will her donation be before or after she pays for the fundraiser?

colony rabble

...and will the intake be audited? Or do we take her word for the amount?

Karen A Finn

Lorri Galloway does nothing for free. I found that out last year. She will want something is return for this one after she stabbed the firefighters in the back last year. She is doing it to try and look good plain and simple. Nothing more nothing less.
I hope she losses her seat after her little prank she pulled.

Karen A Finn
Police officers Wife

colony rabble

Wow. What an immature post. I do not know Karen, (although I would like to meet her) but folks on this list deserve better than blah, blah, blah...


They also deserve better than your childish rants and innuendos, colony rabble.

colony rabble

Anaheimster, innuendos hint at wrong-doing, I come right out and say it. No innuendo involved. While I am new to this blog, I have noticed a disturbing trend that when folks can no longer dispute the message they will attack the messenger, often with a made-up name they use only for that purpose, as if embarressed to use their usual screen name. Either address the issues or go home, but you and blah, blah, blah need to quit the personal attacks and just stick to the topic.


colony rabble, you are the one making the personal attacks here. Get some perspective.

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