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October 24, 2007


Shame Fuentes and Jubal like Janet Nguyen

Hey lets shame Tom Fuentes and Jubal like we are to Janet Nguyen for sending this out today because of the fires... LOL

Just Curious

Is Tom Fuentes married? Does he have children? Just curious.

Josh Barnett

Unfortunately, I am going to be at Sen. Harman's Open House. Otherwise, this sounds like it would have been a great event.

just...paying attention

Just...Curious. Maybe you didn't notice the wedding picture in the collage.

But yes, he is married and has three children.

shame on fuentes. doesnt he know that there is a fire???

uh...no one asked where Josh Barnett is going to be that night. But thanks for checking in there little guy.

Dear Mr. Fuentes


Read this for some laughs.


The "Dear Mr. Fuentes" was quite the hit piece in its day.

The political types from both sides of the isle were definitely " a buzz!!"

So long ago politically...seens like a generation ago.

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