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October 18, 2007


Listen to Greenhut

Yet another pension-spiker for Neal Blais
October 18th, 2007 by sgreenhut
From Steven Greenhut:

Rancho Santa Margarita Councilman Neal Blais, who is running for the 71st Assembly seat being vacated by termed-out Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, continues to send out press releases touting his endorsements. He’s got a good crowd of big-government Republicans on the list, including Spitzer, Mike Carona, Richard Dixon, Marian Bergeson, Cathy Green and Bill Campbell. He just added another one to the list — Assemblyman Jim Silva, who supported not one but two massive retroactive pension spikes for government employees while he served on the Board of Supervisors.

I love this quote from Silva, who has done more than perhaps any other elected official in OC to cause a huge mess for taxpayers. “After my first year in Sacramento, I am more convinced than ever that we need stalwart conservatives like Neil Blais in our caucus fighting for California taxpayers,” said Assemblyman Silva. “California taxpayers are under a constant barrage of legislation by Sacramento liberals, and Neil Blais has the toughness and business ‘know-how’ to fight against bigger government, effectively oppose higher taxes, and help balance our state budget. I’m glad to support him.”

I almost fell off my chair laughing. Opposing direct tax increases is great, but it’s not so great to cause enormous taxpayer liabilities through reckless spending that eventually lead to higher taxes, which is what Silva and Spitzer in particular have done.

What’s next? Perhaps a Blais endorsement from the liberal New Majority?

Karl Rove

I can't help but laugh that every time a new endorsement for Blais comes out, ones that Jeff Miller has coveted and has been unable to secure, gets blasted by the pro-Miller camp. Desperation from his side is showing deeply and the end is in sight for him.

Of course the Miller camp will deny that he even wanted any of these endorsements himself, but why don't we ask Jeff Miller himself to come on here and tell us that? How about it Jeff? Are you ready to fess up that you didn't want Spitzer's, Ackerman's, Campbell's, Bates's and Silva's endorsements? Is it true that you only wanted Ed Royce (who endorsed because of his strong ties to your campaign consultant Dave Gilliard), and Duvall (who is beholding to payback to the insurance industry, which you are linked as well)? Come clean, tell us the truth. Come tell us that you never sought out endorsements from any of those people.

MV Watcher

No Karl, Greenhut is right on this one.

Silva is despised by the entire GOP for his support of the Project Labor Agreement, selling out to unions and costing the county millions. He is as fiscally conservative as Babs Boxer. I do not know of anyone in the GOP who thinks Silva is a deep thinker in saving tax dollars.

But hey, Blais has the endorsement of MV Mayor Gail Reavis. Remember her? Just two years ago she sued the CITY and RESIDENTS of Mission Viejo for $10 million. Great idea Neal, don't think that won't cost him votes in MV. Ledesma has a real chance to carry the city now.

Not all endorsements are good ones...

71st Insider

Well Karl, I laugh everytime a donor that Neil has coveted writes Miller a check. I hear from Blais' finance team that things aren't going well...even with the recent wave of endorsements (which it should be pointed out that Miller had his home county's elected officials on board the day he announced and it has taken Blais nearly a year to secure).

Keep up the smiles and laughs. I predict tears after the next reports are public.

Karl Rove

MV Watcher,

Well I guess then that Silva's endorsement of Mimi Walters for Senate is the kiss of death for her as well in Mission Viejo against Harry Sidhu? Last I heard, she is doing pretty well in your city. And wasn't it Silva who was listed as an honoray host of a Miller fundraiser sometime back? Seems like Miller coveted that endorsement pretty heavily back then, and didn't get it. Let's face it, Blais is garnering all of the relevant OC endorsements for this race, and the Miller camp, as well as the Ledesma and Choi camps just have to face that reality. Spin it any way you want, but at the end of the day, when the voters see who is supporting who, Blais wins hands down. As far as MV, my crystal ball tells me that Blais wins that city going away.

71st Insider (from Corona),

It is my understanding from the Blais finance team that he is doing very well in fundraising. In fact, I understand he had a very successful fundraiser just last night. As always, we will just have to wait until the next reporting period to see the numbers. As you should know, everything else is just speculation at this point. As far as Miller's endorsements, if you are so politically connected as you appear to want people to believe, you would know that because Miller is the only Riverside County candidate, that those endorsements from those electeds was a given. With three OC candidates, of course it takes a little longer. But the lines have been drawn now in the OC, and Blais is the candidate of choice.

By the way, I am still waiting for Jeff Miller to come on this board and deny that he sought any of those endorsements I mentioned above. The silence speaks volumes.

71st Watcher

Karl (from RSM City Hall)-
The key for Team Blais is to convert those endorsements to cash and you are right (for once) that time will tell and for now it is just speculation.

You are new to Assembly primaries, so let me educate you...for the most part, this is a money game. They may have a draw in endorsements, but Miller is killing him in fundraising and I don't think Blais has more property to borrow again for the next cycle. Maybe your city council will let him take a loan against your pretty new city hall?

Also, I doubt seriously that Jeff Miller is going to take the time to come on a blog to answer any of your ridiculous accusations about which endorsements he want or doesn't want.

Fact Checker

Blais didn’t even think enough of Jim Silva to endorse him in Silva’s cantankerous assembly race in 2006. Yet he touts his support two years later? In fact Blais and Thompson, Blais’ top advocate and mouthpiece, both endorsed Mike McGill.


Karl Rove

Fact Checker,

So what is the point? Yes that Blais endorsement of McGill is true. But this is two years later. McGill has also endorsed Blais in this campaign. Obviously Silva decided that it wasn't an issue. You might quit trying to deflect the obvious into something it is not and accept the fact that Miller lost out on one he thought he had in the bag. Case closed.

71st Watcher,

Well here we go again speculating on who I am and am not. Sounds like a certain Riverside County operative we all know blogging anonomously. That's ok, believe what you want. And speculating on who is killing who in the money game is meaningless at this point in time. Lets see where everyone is at when the next reporting period comes around, and more importantly, in February and March when the real campaign begins. As far as Miller coming on this blog to answer a simple question, I'm glad to see that you speak for him. So why don't you answer the question for him?

Been Around

Who cares who Jim Silva endorses?


Neil Blais will take AD71 seat. Neil is supported by good people and he is honorable Republican.

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