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October 05, 2007


One Who Knows

"Kudos to George Andrews, the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Orange County and his assistant for setting up the room."

Kudos for setting up a room?

That sure is faint praise.

How about at least giving them the Martha Stewart award for best floral arrangements?

Mark Brainard

Tomahawk is being kind to Neil. He was horrible. OC GOP would be better off supporting JP than Neil.

Miller ran away with it....as I suspect he will with the election.

Milk Man

One Who Knows, did you see any flower in the picture? OK, so maybe Tomahawk was kind of cheap his his praises of George Andrews but the set up is not exactly Martha Stewart Living.

Craig Alexander

As one of the organizers of last night’s debate I know George Andrews did a lot more than just open the doors up and set up the room. I am thankful to he and the OCGOP for allowing us to use the facility, George’s efforts to advertise the debate, talking up the debate to other members of the Central Committee and the community in general and, yes, for setting up the room and taking it down.

I for one really appreciate George’s help in making this first debate for the 71st Assembly Republican candidates a success. I also thank all of my fellow CRA members who helped out, Mike Spence for being our moderator and everyone who took time to attend last night.

Ragnar Danneskjold

Can we please ban the word 'kudos' on this blog?


Thanks, Rag. Great suggestion.


Ragnar, and Red, do you two have any suggestions?

oh come on ...

Tough crowd --
John Paul didn't do that well, Neil didn't do that badly, and Jeff Miller skirted alot of the questions and "oops" didn't have enough time to finish his answers.

B. Coe

I love George

cra republican

Neil has my vote to win in AD71. He is great person and we will support Neil all the way to Sacramento.


Oh come on, come on!

Miller ran out of time on ONE question, and used part of a later question to finish the point.

JP did very well in this debate. He had passion, conviction and at least could show why he was a conservative. Blais just kept reading the CRA talking points over and over, pretty boring. Miller spoke often of his work to get others elected and statewide initiatives he had worked on.

Clearly this forum went to Miller and Ledesma. Anyone giving this to Blais was a Blais roadie before the debate even took place.

good republican

I am not discounting Jeff Miller but Neil is our favorite in this race. Neil has good heart to serve the multitude.

kudos kate

Neil did a fine job. Miller's presentation is improving. I'm I crazy or does he look like Chris Farley with a perm?



You are my pirate, and I am your consiglieri.


George for sure knows how to throw together a great floral arrangement. Afterall, he worked for Victory in the Bay Area and we welcome his flower power.

Milk Man

AGB, are you saying that George Andrews is happy?

Elizabeth Moyer

"George for sure knows how to throw together a great floral arrangement. Afterall, he worked for Victory in the Bay Area..."

AGB, where were you a year ago when I needed this warning?

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