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October 17, 2007


Jim Lacy

Last July I attended a briefing of American Conservative Union Board members by Tony Fabrizio, a respected national pollster, on a national poll of Republican voters he had just finished -- and did on his own. I wrote about the survey at FlashReport on July 20. Here is what I wrote:

"Finally, Tony stated today that Giuliani was leading in all categories of this poll with Republicans by varying degrees, and that he will be the biggest beneficiary of the expected implosion of the McCain campaign, because the overwhelming majority of McCain backers pick Giuliani as their second choice for President."

I am not sure if McCain or Thompson is the one doing the major imploading now, but this new poll confirms that California is in tune with what national Republican voters were thinking three months ago: Giuliani is consistently leading, and leading in all categories of Republican voters.

Where are the Republicans?

Pro-Abortion Rudy
Pro-Life Romney, Thompson

Pro-Gay Rudy
Pro-Traditional Romney, Thompson

Pro-Gun Rights Romney, Thompson
Restrict Rights Rudy

Started as a Republican Romney, Thompson
Started as a Democrat Rudy

Most considered liberal Rudy
Most considered conserv Romney, Thompson

Dressed in women’s clothes Rudy

Married Romney (1)
Thompson (2)
Rudy (3)
-well three if you still count marrying cousins as legal

Thompson (consistent)
Romney (Is now, ran liberal in Mass.)
Giuliani (Recognized as the most liberal and was a democrat)

Fiscal Conservative:
Romney (Has the business background)
Thompson (Voted consistently for small government, tax cuts)
Giuliani (Claims credit for taxes cuts he did not enact and increased NY govt.)

Pro Border control Romney, Thomson
Pro sanctuary city Rudy

I don't buy the fact Rudy felt NY immigration was too hard so now he thinks he can fix the US.

What do you expect from a state that gave such great leaders as Pelosi.

Who's adored governor is advocating leaving GOP party values to be more democratic so we can "win" elections.

I knew this was a blue state but even the Red Republicans are helping lose any glimmer of conservative Republicanism.

Sad...perhaps we should call it magenta state since there is soo much blue here in RINO Republicans!

No wonder we are losing seats/elections. We have no values. The democrats have won because we are them.


Where are the Republicans is right: If you want to see what Republicans in California think of as the perfect GOP leader, look no further than the Governator.

Where Republicans is wrong is in considering Romney a conservative: His recent flip-flop from RINO to traditional conservative is about as transparent and phony as the cubic zirconium they sell over on QVC.

And all the hype Thompson built by being coy has imploded since he entered the race — it's obvious now that he has no ideas and hardly any ability to articulate them.

It's time California's GOP woke up and rallied behind a true conservative who really for smaller government. (Hmmmmm, who could that be...?)

Where are the Republicans?

Good points, but reality is RP wont make the traction needed to make it. Neither will JM so we are left with the three that I mentioned.

In that realm for CA to go with Giuliani underscores the sad unvalued state of the CA GOP.

True about Romney. His stances on issues change depending who he is running against, just look at the footage against Kennedy.

Thompson is actually doing better if you look at his latest speaches and at least remains consistent to conservative values.

Here is my take:

We need someon with the convservative history and values of Thompson

The organizaional skills of Romney

And the energy of Rudy

But that isn't going to happen so I lean toward those who will keep conservative family values first. - there goes Rudy.



Your take is right on. If the rest of the GOP would wake up and get behind RP, he would get the traction he needs. He's certainly got the money. (And there are plans afoot to help him raise a lot more.)

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