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October 10, 2007



"under Mayor Pulido's leadership"

Now there's a phrase you don't come across every day.

His "leadership" may get him photo-ops with old judges every now and then, and it's gotten him a free AQMD ride; but what's it done to address Santa Ana's crumbling infrastructure, its endemic gang infestation, or the preservation of neighborhoods?

And putting a million dollar slogan on an old water tower don't make it so...


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Gustavo Arellano

Santa Ana is Orange County's downtown the way Stanton is Orange County's Newport Beach.

Art Pedroza

Didn't Dunn try to MOVE the Court of Appeals to Irvine? What the heck was he doing at the SANTA ANA ground breaking? The guy is just shameless!

Mr. Diep

hey, I see your pimping Trung Nguyen and Joe Dunn instead of Janet. I heard she was there.


Carlos Bustamante, Claudia Alvarez and Vincent Sarmiento and a bunch of other local hacks were there...wha wha wha...go cry a river if your sister wasn't mention.

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