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October 22, 2007


Jim Lacy

Come 'on, Adam. You are a little too tough here. Shirley should enjoy senior stateswoman status and get a little respect, even from crusty old conservatives like me (and soon you). I don't agree with Tin Cup either and have even litigated against it, but Shirley's efforts on the ethics commission are hardly controversial and frankly welsome in this "CUSD" county, and you have to acknowledge she has had an impact over the years.

Shirley you jest

Next thing you know Shirley will be getting the Supervisors to pass a law limiting cash rewards for proving Gadflys are frauds to $250 per election cycle!

Shirley fan

Hey Adam "There's no such thing as a conflict of interest in politics" Probolsky,

If you and a few others would just pack up and leave OC, we wouldn't need Shirley's help. Until then, may God give her another 30 years to keep people like you in check!

Hopefully, Shirley can open a new can of woop ass on you with the ethics commission. Go Shirley!!!


Wow, highest-paid lobbyist in this very well-paying and political county? Seems to me that would be hard to hide. Flesh out your suspicions a little - who do you think are her likely clients?

Steven Greenhut

That is so unfair, Adam! I have argued many times with Shirley (and agreed with her on occasion) over the years, and she is the real deal. Not everyone who is involved in public policy does it for the money. And only $1,000? That's got to be less than one month's payment on your new Maserati. You know you won't have to pay up, so you shouldn't be so cheap.

Jon Fleischman

LOL. Adam, how about getting paid to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Shirley Grindle is NOT a lobbyist?

I can't think of anyone who would want to spend enough time with her to actually hire her.


Adam Is Right

It just doesn't pass the smell test that she collects all the records she does, often costing money to get from local governments, all for the good of the order.

Far more likely she's on the job from someone(s) who benefit by limits staying low.

Shirley Fan Too!

Adam, even if Shirley was a paid lobbyist, which she's NOT, what does that have to do with her findings of "government oversight?" Give me a break! Government oversight? More like GOVERNMENT DECEIT! Shirley has helped try to make government officials and wanna be government officials accountable for their "oversights!" She has been a God send to the public, and she demands our public officials behave in an honorable manner. She has revealed many deceitful individuals and deserves recognition for her job well done. GO SHIRLEY, you've got my support and keep up the great work! As Shirley Fan stated, go "open a new can of woop ass" for those government oversights!

With all the rules and reporting requirements for campaigns in OC, I wonder if I could get Shirley to volunteer to be my treasurer?


Adam, you have a dog?


Shirley is a wonderful public servant! She has caught greedy and dishonest politicians from both sides of the asile. OC has more republicans, so it is that Adams clients and friends campaigns are dogged. If this was a blue county it would be more Dem's, that just the way it is.

Keep up the good work Shirley! And yes the County should pick up this work, the State can't even begin to return calls and emails much less actually investigate a campaign. FPPC usually allows someone like Shirley to do the hard work, then they come in and impose a slap on the wrist.

Does anyone know shirleys phone number? I wanna hire her to investigate adam p. :o)


LOL Adam! I have often wondered how she has the time and the money. But for real I think it is her retirement hobby...as sick as it sounds. You know politics...once it gets in your blood no matter how it does...it stays. Shirley can be both a pain and a help.


God made the Shirley Grindle's of the world to make life uncomfortable for people like Adam. Muckrackers, gadflys and citizen activists--be they Shirley Grindle or Ted Costa or whomever, play an important role in keeping tabs on Maserati Man and the legion of lobbyists, campaign carneys and of course, politicos, that might otherwise do their business in secret without shame.

If Adam wasn't bitching then Shirley would be getting too soft. That doesn't always make her or the others right---just vigilant.

I wonder if Shirley G found something in Janet Nguyens latest campaign reporst that may reflect badly on Adam P?

Milk Man

Adam, I am in 100% agreement with you on this. People like Shirley Gringle need to just give it a rest and go home take care of her grand children and old mother.


Jeez, Adam, imagine just being involved in public affairs for what one perceives to be the public interest. Impossible for you to comprehend, of course, but some of us actually do appreciate it even if we disagree with the particulars. Your insinuation reflects worse on you than it does on her.

Of course if there were a local FPPC in OC it might start looking into funky IE switcheroos.

You appear a little touchy and defensive. Orange County has turned into a wild frontier with lobbyists controling County government in almost every department. Anti government politicians who use government to make their friends and contributors rich from taxpayer money are in control. Corporate welfare is alive and well in Orange County. You sound like a guy who is worried about losing a piece of the action.


"It just doesn't pass the smell test that she collects all the records she does, often costing money to get from local governments, all for the good of the order."

Yeah, I can see how a Republican wouldn't understand that at all.

Shirley's Commission won't matter

Adam Probolsky is correct in principle. If Shirley Grindle is supposed to be watching
ALL elected officials then how does she justify that she has contributed to some elected officals. She has even attended those evil fundraisers where lobbyists congregate. Everyone knows that she plays favorites with the electeds that suck up to her. She is just a demogogue. All she has done is force developers like the the Irvine Company to go to their sub-contractors to raise 10k instead of them simply writing the check. She frankly has created less public disclosure. BTW, the County of Orange really doesn't have alot going on and since the Commmssion won't have jurisdiciton over cities, it really won't have much power anyways, just a waste of taxpayer money.

"Orange County doesn't have a lot going on". What cave did you crawl out of. I suggest you read the Board agendas for the past year, then total the amount awarded in contracts. Holy cow what planet do some of these folks come from.

Anaheim H.O.M.E.

"Shirley Grindle is the highest paid lobbyist in Orange County".

We believe that only fools and crooks like Adam D. Probolsky and his clients would attempt to sling such mud as that.

The Cave that knows Shirley's Commission won't matter

Most of those contracts are public works contracts that the Board has little discretion over and rarely changes the staff recommendation. They are lowest bid and most responsible. There are a few good lobbyists that work the "subjective" agenda items on Board floor and frankly they will tell you there is not that much work at the BOS. Sure there are projects that come and go, but not enough to do well. As an example, the Great Park after annexation is now in the jurisdiction of Irvine. The real work is with special districts (e.g. OCTA) and cities. Again, Shirley's Commission won't matter and is a waste of taxpayer money.

The Public Works contracts are the most lucerative contracts provided by the Board. The engineering firms,construction firms, and developers recieve the greatest financial windfalls from these contracts.

These contracts are highly competitive because of their huge value. In fact if you review each board members contribution report you will find that these well known contractors, their subsidiaries, wives etc. are all in play.

It is true that since the County has only about 60,000 more acres to develop and the explosive growth of the 80's is over we don't see the the developer strangle hold that once existed. However there is plenty of money to be made in "infill", redevelopment, transportation, health etc.

Further our history in Orange County with elected officials has been one laced with resignations and indictments for the very violations that Grindle wants to watch.

Jonathan Volzke

Congratulations on your appointment to the OCTA citizens panel, Adam.

I'm sorry, what were your qualifications again?

People like you make people like Shirley indispensable in not just government, but life.

Your assumption that someone only does something because they are paid to do it sheds more light on your own ethics than hers.

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