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September 29, 2007


DMV Healthcare...No Thanks

"...Gov. Schwarzenegger’s healthcare reform would most likely be killed by the Republican Caucus’s commitment to oppose any taxes."

Please God, let this be true. We need less government in healthcare. Not more.


Tomahawk, please stop talking about reliable sources sending you stuff.

RE: out

Yeah Tomahawk. Out all your sources so you never get any information. That would be fun.


People, let's not be that anal about how information are distributed.

Lam Pho


Great job on a good piece of coverage.

One Who Knows

Good piece Mr. Hawk (or may I call you Tom?)

But the event you write of occurred over a week ago.

Did your "source" use a carrier pigeon?


Hawk is fine with me. A friend who attended the convention gave me some info and asked that I write something about it, I didn't get to it until yesterday.


Van Tran and John McCain are both losers.

Envious Quang


Envy, envy. Is it not curious that he's a California assemblyman and you're a nobody?

Tran seems like a good GOP leader to me

Martin Wisckol has this whole theory that Tran believes in ethnicity over party affiliation. I don’t think he is seeing the forest from the trees here.

Tran recruits and mentors other GOP candidates (6 of which are ethnic minorities – something the party seems to always be searching for), has a PRIVATELY funded outreach office and has an ongoing GOP registration program in Central OC. His registration effort has helped the GOP nearly corner the Vietnamese vote by a 2-1 margin and has helped non-Vietnamese GOP candidates like Lynn Daucher nearly win in the recent Democratic stronghold of Central OC and has so many good GOP operatives on his team that they will be running at least 3 Assembly races according to this blog.

He fights against overspending and new taxes in the budget, for traffic relief, against socialized healthcare and supports our military.

I think Wisckol is taking the fact that the Vietnamese-American electeds work across party lines on democracy and human rights issues for Vietnam a little too far.

One who knows Van since 1985

Van Tran has been out there working for the OC GOP for over 20 years. He is a very well known activist and community leader, even before getting elected to the city council in 2000. He has certainly paid more than his fair share for the GOP cause without asking anything in return.

Without Tran, the GOP wouldn't have a leg to stand on in the Vietnamese community. No one, inside or outside the community can mobilize the growing Vietnamese community like him. He brings pride to his community and hope to the GOP in Central Orange County.


Phan is running for Sanchez seat next year.

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