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September 02, 2007


Sleeping in South County

Excellent idea! Send 'em all to John Wayne Intl. We should share the load! (lol)


More power to him! Somebody needs to tell Newport Beach to suck it up, and our local leaders seem to lack the spine.

I curse both the NB and El Toro folks each time I find myself driving to LAX or Ontario because a flight from Orange County is either prohibitively expensive or completely unavailable.


Yes we need more airport capacity for OC in the long term future. El Toro couldn’t be the solution for the same reason that John Wayne can not grow further than this current expansion –that is there are too many OC residential neighborhoods sitting directly under the flight paths. The El Toro neighborhoods in South OC (Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, etc) feel the same way about jets that the John Wayne neighborhoods (Santa Ana, Anaheim, Orange, Villa Park, Tustin, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach) feel. We just simply will not get much more additional capacity out of John Wayne airport and we will only go through lawsuits, environmental studies, residential push backs, etc. to find this out. The ultimate solution is to push our lawmakers and other leaders (from LA down to San Diego) to work towards obtaining property to be used for another airport location which will not affect residential neighborhoods and will provide the capacity we will need in the long term future. The location worth pursuing aggressively by our leaders is a small strip on the north end of Camp Pendleton, close to where we are already planning the 241 tollway extension connector the 5 and where the commuter train already passes. It is perfectly situated in what would be a sequence of “regional” airports heading down the coast - from LAX to Long Beach to John Wayne, to South-OC/Camp Pendleton to San Diego airport. Accomplishing such a new airport would be the greatest result in Southland leadership serving its constituents and citizen activism.


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