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September 18, 2007


The studies that are done in these types of situations can and often are skewed towards the viewpoint of the one who is paying for the study. That being said, I believe that a majority of the arguement on effects to the waves at Trestles has centered mainly on water quality and not sediment transport.
Sediment transport has been touted as an negative impact on Trestles by opponents of the toll road but I believe that a majority of the negative impacts have been identified as water quality impacts from urban runoff produced by the toll road.

Me and you have gone head to head on this issue in the past. As you know I am opposed to the Toll road for the stated puropses and releif that will be created by this road. But what is often never said by propoonents is that the relief willbe needed by the demand created by the razing of the last remaing piece of open space in South County.

What I suggest you incorporate into your arguement is that the demand will be created by Rancho Mission Viejo and the thousands of homes that are slated to be built on that project.

That would lessen the allergic reaction I get to BS when I read the stated purposes for this road by the proponents of this road and add some validity to your arguement.

Paul Lucas



FYI, I didn't write this post, although I agree with it.

Sorry Matt,
I didnt lookat the author i assumed it was you. My bad.

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