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September 17, 2007


Bad shot

What is Janet Nguyen thinking? Stupid as stupid is!


We need to get rid of Janet in the next election. All republicans should help out Trung.

Recall Janet

Janet should be recalled for not being a fiscal conservative. Shame on her for her extravagant spending. Shame on Janet for wasting tax dollars to redo her office. Correa did not have a problem with the office.

If it is a war she wants, it will be a war she gets.

Who on this blog wants to start the recall of Janet Nguyen? We are looking for people to sign the petition. You must live in the 1 district.

Re: Recall Janet

I doubt Van's team will be bitter/stupid enough to recall Janet. She has clearly shown that it is HER who is the bitter and stupid one.

I believe this will show possible donors/supporters that Janet lies about trying to create peace, and cares about no one but herself. Stop those checks, pull those endorsements, and just wait until she's out of office for good so she can stop embarrassing the OC GOP.

Team Rocco Hired!

I understand they have hired the same crack political team that ran the Rocco recall effort.


You cowards who want to recall Janet should reveal your identity.

Lam Pho

I for one, do not want to recall Janet Nguyen. However, she's doing a pretty good job hurting herself politically.

This whole thing involving her brother in law smells to high heaven.

Tan Nguyen

I want that seat!

Lam Pho

Janet needs to be removed today. We had enough of circus for one day.

Lam Pho

Janet needs to be removed today. We had enough of circus for one day.


Dr. KimOanh Nguyen-Lam would make a great Supervisor!

thằng mập

thằng phú mập should be the supervisor


Recall Trustee Trung Nguyen??? What a ludicrous idea!!! A petty and insignificant attempt by those who are no less than "losers" because they do not have the community behind their backs so they have to disparage Trustee Trung Nguyen's reputation and professionalism. Trustee Trung Nguyen has done nothing less then provide excellent service to his community ever since his election to office. If there is any question of recall whatsoever, I think the recall should be against the one who only won his/her political position by "PURE LUCK!"


Leave Phu Nguyen out of this. He's trying to stay quiet to make an honest living in Little Saigon


For Phu Nguyen, sending all that $$money$$ through his fahter's business back to Communist Vietnam is not exactly an honest living.


it's called money laundering for the red mafia

OH! Ya Don't worry; In little SaiGon, Mr Nguyen Chi Thien does back up for Mr. Phu Map. Oh! Ya. ( political is dirty + religion = more dirty).
Regret, Mr. Trung did not assault to opponent first,he was waiting for she attack first to expect get the gap of her misstate to finish her, but he completely calculated wrong. Mrs. Lady were so smart, She exploited religion, she made full profit by religion,than she had more opportunity to get more absence voted. So that she was knock him down.

About Mr. Nguyen Chi Thien. Look at his face, look at his mouth. When Mr. Dinh Quang Anh Thai did interview him. Asked him some question, he was answer: I know that when I read some the newspaper, or I heard from some one...etc. I really respected him by endure in the communist Jail, but I Really did not satisfied his answer.( ask him tell a true by his heart, because I can read in his head)

Xuan Hong.

I am not politician, but I want to do some things for the people. I want to contribute a little to some one who need help. I am believed and expected in young generation we have many talented man,like Mr.Ta Duc Tri, Nguyen Duc Tan...etc. I admire to them very much. I alway support and encourage to them. Both of them have Duc because the Duc is their behaviour. They all good people, and than their concept to be contribute to social. You could ask Mr. Ta Duc Tri who was lobby from Secretary of State Collin Powell to each Sanetor in State like Susan (West Virginia), John Mc cain (Arizona) to President G.W.Bush for G.O.V. approved (HR)Humanitarian Resettlement program. If Mrs. Khuc Minh Thu did it go to ask her: Why (HR)is extension by McCain Amendment? Why rrs is changed to hr? Why hr is focus on U11 and V11? Why it is using the number11? Please don't let she asks Senator!!!
I am very respected and appreciated to her but she is not a powerful women, Let her know: Vietnamese people are living everywhere, they work every jobs, from janitor to assist for Senator and president also. If she wonders go to ask councilman Ta Duc Tri. He completed master of political science. He is willing answer to you all question. he is a real excellent politician.
Thank you for your time to read my message.

Xuan Hong.

Nowaday, Janet Nguyen had have a good position work. You could reflect what things you were doing wrong? What words did you spoken? and you can go to fix that by apologize,to moderate, make more friends to buil up strong community. Do some thing should careful, don't listen your couselor. They will set up for you in longterm, that is not right. listen to me You was defeat Mr. Trung as a result of your mother letter. To depend on her friends and her neighbours for help. Be ease, don't listen on your cabinet or your counselor any more. Do some thing you feel right and ask for help from your husband.

Ly Luan

Who do make this OCBlog? I love it. Thank you so much your guy. Wonderful to me, I am trying to do some home work, correct some assays, post up on web, your guy could read all idea.
Again, Thank you to all reader, all writter, and all idea, that will build up strong community.Because, to me we have day and night, right and wrong, republican and domocrat all of them are competition.

Xuan Hong.

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