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September 27, 2007


CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)

As a childhood victim of physical abuse by nuns and as a victim of sexual harrassment by nuns in both high school and later when I was a seminarian in Philadelphia, I would just like to add something to the discussion mix.

Trial by media is oftentimes unpleasant and even unfair. On the other hand, the powerful, the connected, the elite of society usually escape trial by jury. They can usually buy enough influence, enough legal protection, enough mashugana to place between them and the consequences of their actions as to make the pursuit of justice a cruel joke. Most of the abused children throughout the world have no such influence, nor do they have a chance to gain it. They are doomed to waking up every morning, even as old men (I am almost 55)wondering if they are 14 or 54. They never really grow up in many ways, they cannot. They have been traumatized into a permanent, fearful state of pre-adolescent survival.

I would trade places with this "Monsignor" anyday. His hell is a lot less than mine.

Avenging Arch Angel

www.bishop-accountability.org/abusetracker for daily global vetted coverage of the ongoing criminal cover up, and enabling, of the miters and red hats, and why you should not be donating!


Jubal needs to do some serious proofreading of his blogs. A typo here and there is one thing. But he leaves out so many words it's too distracting to continue reading. Type it in Word, proof it, then post it.


Unfortunately, what is being overlooked here is the admission of Brown that he was accused of sexually abusing a young boy. That is of more importance than whether Fr. Urell should be in Canada, should finish his deposition, or needs to be held accountable. It is the bishop who has gotten away with sexual abuse. And don't tell me that the investigation showed that the accusation was unfounded. The investigation was done by the church only, and we know how they protect their own! We need to focus on this very important issue, not on the side issue of Urell. Let him go to Canada. I'm sure he has plenty to dwell on about his handling of the sexual abuse cases that came his way! Meanwhile, let's not let the bishop get away with a serious, heinous crime!

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