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September 18, 2007



Wait, I am so confused. I thought all those people were "undocumented Americans," not citizens of Mexico. Which is it? Guess it depends which politician is talking and which side of the mouth he is talking from.


A warm welcome to Mr. Cárdenas!

I live in San Diego but I plan to be there to thank him for keeping the lines of communication open with those of us who live "del otro lado".

I firmly believe that it's of great importance for political leaders of all countries in America to take the time to discuss, in person, issues that affect our beautiful continent.

I look forward to meeting the governor of my native state in person. It will be a true honor.(Besides, rumor has it that we are related, and I wonder if we look alike...)


Martha Cárdenas, M.Ed.
A U.S. American, born in Michoacán.


Great idea, Martha. I think we should send a delegation down to Mexico to discuss the lack of social justice and economic opportunity there that drives so many of their citizens to flee their beloved country!

Oh, and your diacritical marks, smartly done.

Precisely, Patricia, I agree with you.

A delegation from the U.S. is a good idea. In the meantime, Mr. Cárdenas is here and we have the opportunity to discuss with him the topic you just mentioned. Will you be able to attend?

Here is a address to a group of U.S. Americans who have settled in various areas near Morelia. They have found Michoacán to be a great place to retire, even for those with limited Spanish-speaking skills.


Both countries need what the other can provide. We can make it a win-win proposition.

Martha Cardenas-Loutzenhiser, M.Ed.


No, I won't be there. The meeting is directed specifically at the foreign citizens living in Santa Ana. I'm a citizen.

Next time I'm in Mexico, though, I will check into US citizen groups there organizing for more "rights" in Mexico.

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