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September 28, 2007


john manly
john manly

As usual you've got it wrong Matt. All of the above has been done. Urell's depo has been compelled - that's when he got shipped off to Southdown.

By the way, I'm still waiting for you to come in and review your pal Monsignor Urell's files. We have warm coffee and snacks. I've offered you access for a year but you always seem to have an excuse. I'm beginning to feel like your avoiding me.

Instead of going to mass on Sunday, why don't you do a Saturday evening service and come in on a Sunday? We'll even turn the air on for you. Speaking of Church, why don't you just give me the money you're going to put in the collection basket this weekend? It would be quicker.

See you at Mass.

Manly out.

Christopher H.




I'll be there. You'll just have a wait a few days.

By the way, exactly why is Msgr. Urell so central to your case? No one disputes Andrade had a sexual relationship with your client when she was a minor. And Msgr. Urell didn't handle cases involving lay people. Or do you you just want to chance to ask Msgr. Urell if he had heard rumors about this priest or that having too much to drink?

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